Greece Floods, Spain Hurricane, Stalled SALLY Intense Weather conditions Functions 7 days 36

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September 20, 2020 #Greece #spain #floods
7 days 36 A Compilation of movies from close to the planet demonstrating the Serious ability of the Climate on our planet. Focusing this 7 days on Greece floods freom impressive tropical storm that created in the mediterranian. Sub tropical storm ALPHA created landfall in Spain this week. Hurricane #Sally who stalled in the SE United States this 7 days. If you have any videos you would like to share with this channel. Please E mail me. YOUR movie might be showcased on the Weekly Gatherings.


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  1. Oh it's so trendy and stylish to build a home or doc right on the waterfront, with no consideration for the weather destroying it. THEN – – When a storm comes along and destroys it all, you trendy people blame everyone, including God for your loss. You built it there, you pay for it! Don't ask the government for $$ help, you are at fault, not us who built on higher ground.

  2. Thank you for all the work you put in to share this info. I don’t watch the news or even news feeds so I had no clue about all this crazy weather! 😱
    Confirms we are living the book of revelations…..& in the end of times. I pray for all the people and animals affected 🙏🏽



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