Greatest Avocado Kinds for Severe Heat and Drought Weather!

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Following seeing quite a few avocado trees all summer time, I have concluded that these types seem to be to tackle the heat and drought far better than several others. We are in the midst of serious drought and higher temperatures, and these avocado types appear to be to tackle it authentic well. All of these trees have a heavy layer of mulch beneath them, which allows enormously. Without a thick layer of mulch, these trees would be dead.

:00 – 1:04 – This Summer season Has Been Crazy Incredibly hot!
1:05 – 3:05 – The Initially Wide range
3:06 – 4:37 – The Second Variety
4:38 – 5:10 – There Is No Actually Drought Tolerant Avocado
5:11 – 5:50 – 2 Points You Can Do To Make Your Avocado Tree A lot Happier in the Warmth
5:51 – 7:37 – The Third Selection
7:38 – 8:10 – Let’s Share Expertise!


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  1. Hey AJ , Where do you live? I heard in one of your videos saying that you were about 2 miles from the Beach and then I heard what I thought sounded like a Jet Talking off, so my guess is El Segundo , California.

  2. The Elsinore Gardner channel thinks the Gem is the best variety for hotter climates , like his in Lake Elsinore . You're talking about weather . This third year of La Nina is rare . I was a Geography major in CSULB and had a year of climatology . Young people go along with the gw propaganda but climate is an average over decades . The climate goes up and down in different world regions . As the grand solar minimum intensifies , Alaska will warm but the midwest will get colder . I lived 65 years in So Cal and its always 90° to 105° in September til October . Temperatures follow seasons . So the beginning of fall is hottest . Anyways great video on the avacado varieties .

  3. AJ, I’ve been watching your videos for a while. I have 5 avocado trees in my backyard. All are doing well except for my Lamb Hass. I had 20 avocados fall. It just kills me. My Sir Prize is doing very well. Green as can be with tons of avocados. I live in Pasadena. How do you find out what zone you live in? Forgot to mention, my Reed tree is doing well. Pasadena heat didn’t affect it.

  4. My Hass did not do to good in the heat of the Central Valley. I had to move it to the shade under the patio. Doing better now has lots of new growth. All my other trees are doing good as I have some in a small green house.

    The other ones is planted outside buts it's under good canopy from some big trees.

    Thanks for the videos. Will have to look out for some cuttings of the other trees mentioned to graft the seeds I'm currently growing.

  5. Appreciate your video. Somehow I got ahold of a Julia which is a seedling of Nabal and I have been trying to figure out if it can handle the high heat we get up North. Your video is very encouraging!

    Greg Alder also recommends Reed for high heat.

  6. Ola Aj meu irmão!Concordo que Reed é resistente à seca e uma fruta maravilhosa. Nós temos três grandes, um tem três anos num porta-enxerto Zutano está cheio de fruto e dois pequenos que plantei este ano. Estou ansioso de tu vires cá e ver a nossa horta e partilhar comigo a tua esperteza. Um grande abraço.

  7. “I’m just a guy who likes to stare at avocados more than a regular person” ❤. That makes two of us! Best past time in my opinion. Totally agree with Reed on heat and one of all time best overall. I’ve got 12 Reed trees and counting. We hit 115 recently and I had a few several year old trees in full sun who barely got any damage. Nabal kicking ass too. Of my 3 Nabal trees all doing amazing. Tough strong trees and absolutely gorgeous to look at. Wurtz I know nothing about. You might find interesting, Ettinger performing very very well in high heat. I know it’s commercial in Israel which is a coastal desert Mediterranean climate so makes sense. San Jose climate pretty similar where I am.

  8. Thanks for the good informations about avocado handling the heat wave can you tell us what the maximum temperature at your area that the avocad trees went through without damage

  9. Yes, I agree, I have a three yr old Carmen Hass that requires extra water ( 10 gallons a day) during these heat waves. When it gets to around 100 degrees the top leaves will droop. In the past I built a cover for extreme heat waves. On the other side of the yard, I have a 6 month old "Reed" (3.5 ft tall) which get just as much sunlight, yet had no problems with this recent heat wave. Never saw any drooping or brown leaves ( knock on wood). Another good point about the Reed it doesn't have any Persea mites on it like my Carmen Hass. Not only is the Reed more durable, less headache, but the favor and size are better. At least the ones that I got from the Farmers market.

  10. I've been growing my avocado tree from a seed for 11 years now and it will not give any fruit the tree has a 4-inch trunk and it looks and feels heathy. I'm thinking of grafting but I need some cutting where can i get some? tried driven around my city and I even knock on some door but no one who has a fruiting tree will not let me take cutting. any suggestions?

  11. My 3.5- year old Wurtz in 36” box container dropped one fruit almost every day I didn’t water it. Switched to lighter watering daily, no fruit drop during this summer. Let off one day and I’d find a dropped fruit the next morning. I thought for this reason it may not like heat, at least the fruit set didn’t. It’s only 2.5’ tall, so maybe just too young/small to be holding the fruit it has in the first place, about 24 left. Same experience as you with my Reed and Nabal, seem to really love the heat. Thanks for sharing.



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