Gov. Newsom Declares Statewide Emergency Amid Warmth Wave, Excessive Climate

Gov. Gavin Newsom has declared a statewide unexpected emergency as California broils less than a heat wave that has brought on extreme weather conditions situations.


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  1. Gray Davis played this same game. Take donations from energy companies. Energy companies take generators off-line during peak times to spike energy prices. Governor then declares at "State of Emergency". Gray Davis was recalled over this very same tactic.

  2. This is normal. Happens each year. Invest a AC unit of you don't have one, annoy amd or force your landlord to install a high power outlet near the window, and you're good for the worst.

  3. I saw this coming. He wants more power to enforce whatever he wants. Most of my fellow Californians will submit like the sheep they are. Wake up and smell the tyranny! CA is going down the toilet faster and faster. print and sign it!

  4. I live in north Auburn and it was 102 here not 99 and believe me when you are out feeding 12 horses in this heat, loading hay carts and tromping all over the place you feel every-single-degree! It's a 3 shower day in the hills! Just glad the power didn't get cut, yet anyway and I just finished shower#3 after the evening feed. The pool isn't even refreshing at these temps, cold showers and AC is the only relief but I will sacrifice an hour or two if need be for the sake of the grid.

  5. So, is it not an emergency that California State, Federal and National Parks, monuments and wildernesses are overburdened with overgrowth?
    It seems like waiting until these places are burning isn't working?
    What else could we try?

    Here's an idea, lets save lives, property and money by PREEMPTIVELY MANAGING THESE DANGEROUS SPACES.



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