Global Weather / Earthquakes / Sunshine Spots / Severe Temperature ALERTS / March 25 2020

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March 25 2020 #Pakistan #atlanticstorm
5 Day forecast
Earthquake Update & catastrophe Alerts
– Early morning D.E.W.
Each day Functions Worldwide
This is a channel for the masses. .
For any individual who enjoys earth and likes to continue to be up to date with temperature warnings, disaster alerts and everything else that is occurring to our planet. Then you’re on the suitable channel. With each day updates on planet climate and normal disasters. I will continue to keep you and the globe knowledgeable with my day-to-day scientific tests.

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Severe climate functions, Satellite imagery, and Photo voltaic diagrams researched day by day.
From this channel we are able share the research and expertise With anyone throughout the world.
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Extreme temperature functions, Satellite imagery, and Solar diagrams studied day-to-day.
From this channel we are capable share the exploration and expertise With everybody around the world.

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Earthquake 3D imagery

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  1. There was no sunspots on 25th March. A coronal active region does not necessarily have sunspots.

    The Solar Influences data center in Belgium has not recorded a sunspot for 15 days.

  2. havent seen any reports of the new one in antarctica or its name yet – ill keep looking
    Lava Lake in Antarctica That Surprised Scientists July 25, 2019
    91 New cone shaped possible Volcanoes Discovered Underneath The Antarctic Ice Aug 23, 2017

  3. They ha e left us behind virus is real they did this to us they're in there fancy bunkers planet x and 9 flyby god be with u ps this is stef talkin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. God is talking. The evil is hiding. The blood of mother earth is moving and large plates are loosening up so when this wormwood planet (aka comet atlas by the elites), comes around our sun we will go thru changes of biblical proportions. God is Very Angry with the evil ones. The ones hiding underground where the almighty"s blood flows and if they think there science can 4 see what God iis gonna due, how wrong they are gonna be. Sit back and enjoy the ride and if you have been awake you should be in a safe zone. If not, I have and many others have warned you as best wr can. One more thing. The word teaches us of how God will spew out anyone of lukewarm. Either u r or u are not is how God sees 2020 his people..



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