Global Severe Temperature for Wednesday Aug 25

There are 5 tropical areas to focus on all around North America, some massive downpours across Indonesia and Asia and amazing hunting thunderstorms by way of the wind maps (yep, you can see thunderstorms forming on wind maps!).

We also take a look at all over the world temperatures and ‘the world’s most gorgeous low’ for today. is very pleased to be an IBM business partner.


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  1. Thank u so much beautiful soul for the world 🌎weather's focused.
    I am truly grateful and appreciated with gratitude 🙏✨💖👍💐💐💐🌠💫🦋🙏🙏🇬🇧

  2. Keep going mate you will get a world audience, I have one thing to add, the font caption size on the suburb/countries was quite small it would be really cool if you could make them alittle bigger you are very good

  3. Absolutely fascinating! I love these videos – weather patterns are so interesting. That African wind map was incredible. Exploding like popcorn. Thank you so much for these – they're much appreciated especially during lockdown. 🙂

  4. Also interesting to see the perfect straight North to South line formed by thunderstorms over Indian subcontinent. Here in NZ, we use 'front' for this weather system. In India, we used to call them 'trough'.




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