Glide Bait GIANTS in EXTREME weather (Tornado WARNING 1/2 mile)

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Went down to Alabama to fish with my buddy Matt Parrish! We fished an awesome lake filled with giant bass that were eating a Hinkle Shad glide bait, a bull shad trick shad, and a SPRO KGB! We also caught fish on a Berkley Cane Walker and SPRO frog! The weather was good and then turned terrible as we had warm humid storms and rain coming from the south and then a crazy cold wind coming from the north! Our phones started going crazy telling us there were tornados in our area! It made for scary moments and fun fishing! Visit to book a swimbait trip with us or call 828-354-0250!

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  1. Frostin Austin came to one of my favorite state lakes and hammered them. I've gotten my biggest bag out of that lake. Plan on going up there tomorrow but damn I wish I knew you were down here man.

  2. I had an amazing day!!! I caught a 15 bass all small except 3 monsters. The 3 bigs were 7 lb 4oz, a 5.4 & a 8.6 all today on a little no name lake by my house iny kayak! It was a crazy day, I never catch multiple big fish like that! The 8.6 was on kkkkklash9 the other 2 were on a popin frogz



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