Giant Hail Storm! Broken Houses And Cars After Hail And Storm In Netherland – Extreme Weather News

Giant Hail Storm! Broken Houses And Cars After Hail And Storm In Netherland – Extreme Weather News
During storms and hurricanes, wind speeds can increase significantly, causing widespread destruction and damage to infrastructure, crops, and communities. Wind speeds in storms that can reach over 200 mph
Today’s video will bring you Interesting levels Of Wind During Storms & Hurricanes
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Clinton dealt with winds of up to 65+ miles per hour Monday. A video from Lancaster Fire 17C shows the moment a corrugated roof gets ripped off, almost hitting several cars. Dramatic Videos Show Hurricane Ida Hitting Louisiana
if you were close to the ocean, t’s part of the wording close to the ocean. it really is sad and it sucks so bad to lose everything you own.
Strong ‘judgement day’ style winds tear down the city’s clock tower, topple trucks mid-drive and destroy homes and businesses in this shocking footage.
On the highway in Istanbul’s Beylikdüzü district, some vehicles overturned due to the wind speeding up to 129 km/hr. The people living in Turkey’s west side had a hard time due to strong winds on the last Monday of November.
Strong winds, which were effective in big cities of the country such as Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Balikesir and Canakkale, caused some trees and billboards to fall and various injuries.
While the storm created huge waves in the coastal areas, it also caused parts and roofs of some buildings to fall in the centers of the cities.
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In this compilation we will see some incredible clips of mother nature.
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