Germany and the impact of extreme weather | DW Documentary

Germany and the impact of extreme weather | DW Documentary 7

Whole areas washed away by the floods, entire villages wiped out, houses destroyed. More than 160 people have died. Despite excellent infrastructure and sound disaster relief, the effects of extreme weather on Germany are devastating.

On the night of 15 July, storms destroyed whole swaths of land in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. Shortly afterwards, heavy rain ravaged Bavaria and wreaked havoc in the Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium. Only in the days that followed did the full extent of the catastrophe become apparent.

Now, people are returning to their homes, or what’s left of them. They are overwhelmed by their own helplessness and by the force and speed with which entire livelihoods have been wiped out. Now, the big cleanup begins—which will take years. How are people in the affected regions coping?


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  1. Wait for the time the wounds will heal, what we need now is sincere cooperation all debris will be back again to new form. All food is ready to be delivered according to the time of command. I heard your voices and grievance they will give you an autum of hope to recover whether it take long or it take slow i will rebuid according to our own will, our heart are close but our strenght is at stake. We live because we didnt want it to happen, we hope because wi will make it again to happen.

  2. Every time i see disasters like this it makes me cry. To think that in this modern time we would be able to prevent things like this from happening. Yet it is human's arrogance and greed that caused more of such disasters. I hope the survivors find peace and god bless them.

  3. So horrible, these extreme weather events are going to keep happening now. Floods and wildfires more and more often everywhere. I didn’t hear about this at the time, I listen to the American news but all they talk about is Covid and how evil Russia is.

  4. Do not blameth on God, blame on a human, because they have to much pressure of world, and forget the living God whom hath greatest the heaven and earth.

  5. The Lord God of heaven and earth will destroy all the technology, because the Earth are polluted with a chemicals of the technology that men made, nothing can stop the God almighty, many people do not believe in God, but they better believe it now, Let everyone have faith in God, and start praying ?. Amen

  6. Its sad how they all blame God for their predicament. Climate change is nature's way to adjust to what humans are doing. Sad.

  7. Burning everything that will burn will help the cleanup process go faster.. Wait until it dries out, then burn it. Spray down the mud. Use chlorine water inside as fast as possible. Mold will be the biggest enemy as it dries out.

  8. 03:02 Deus não tem nada a ver com isso Senhora, a culpa é da humanidade, que com sua ganância fica destruindo a natureza, agora vem as consequências.
    Ele nos deu um mundo maravilhoso, mais os homem só pensam em destruir , com guerras, desmatando florestas, agora todos estão vendo o q as pessoas mais pobres passam, quem sabe pensem melhor ao destratar seu próximo.

  9. Muito triste ?, pelas imagens vemos o sofrimento das pessoas, os resgates, a destruição, as pessoas se ajudando. Deus cuide de todas essas famílias, gostaria de saber como estão todos agora.

  10. Iam sending ❤ love, prayers ?. I grew up in Germany ??
    I love Germany. I grew up in
    Wiesbaden, mainz, Frankfurt.
    All my friends are in Germany.
    My hope, prayers comes from America ??. Stay strong help is coming. That's our strength. What happens Don't matter our
    Deference aside we come and help. What happened to you yesterday will happen to us tomorrow. I am sending my love to the German people.

  11. Contrails from airlines are the cause and the fletner ships offshore are spraying sea water into sky to change the weather. Your being scammed by the government's.

  12. Semoga Tuhan yang maha kuasa melindungi umat-nya. Semoga bencana alam cepat berlalu. Ini video kami file untuk pelajaran bagi kami yang tinggal dekat 4 gunung dan dekat 3 Danau dan dekat 2 sungai besar diDesa Desa'polosok diBali Indonesia

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