Future Intense Weather… Important Winter Storms Go on, More Snow in the East?

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Upcoming Intense Temperature… Significant Wintertime Storms Go on, Extra Snow in the East?

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  2. I live in north west GA. According to your snowfall amounts, in the area I live in, it shows that we were in the darker blue. This isn't accurate. Our low-temperature at that time never got below 35-36 degrees, so all we saw was rain. Literally, the weather app I use, the radar showed a county wide green blob engulfed in blue.

  3. I live in East how far the cold air will punch south &how fast ..the track of the low is same on all other weather im thknkin the low will stay on track if anything go more to the south do to cold air forcing the low to more southern track ..thank u forcast

  4. Meteorology is not my hobby. I use a weather app for a quick check, but when I need something more in depth, I look for your channel. Wood heat is all I have so I like to have some idea what could be ahead in terms of these Arctic fronts. I like the way you explain it. Thank you! From Murphy, NC.

  5. The next will be worse than the last, We have had 3 super wind events, following each in this pattern was a catastrophic storm in the Midwest and east coast. our 3rd super wind event was yesterday and it is now followed by deep cold much colder than the last. When this reaches the Midwest expect super cell tornado breeding along the hot wet line. Buffalo WY. 1/4/22

  6. Just wish Indiana would get some snow. Sick of these warm winters. Maybe on good one a year he’ll when I was young 20 years ago we were outta school like once a week if not more cause snow

  7. So sick of the weather going hot to freezing cold off and on every week. Ppl are getting so sick from it in Oklahoma. Ready fir winter to just come and stay

  8. Thank you for taking your time to get another great video out for us to enjoy. I appreciate your positive energy too and hope you know how much your videos always lift me up ?⛄️

  9. Southern Maryland here, hoping we get some more snow! Haven’t had a good snow like this in years and I really want more of it

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