Future Excessive Climate… Key Arctic Blast, Much more Snowstorms?

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Future Extraordinary Weather conditions… Important Arctic Blast, Additional Snowstorms?

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  2. You say "kinda like a frontal boundary" at 3:08 about snow in MN. Well…is it a frontal boundary or not? Kinda…like…is not very helpful or scientific terminology.

  3. Where did this guy get trained? He's not the most accurate.
    Actually, the pressure rise that will occur in the next several days, towards the end of the week over Hudson Bay and Greenland will produce an excellent scenario for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. There will be persistent troughing there . The only question is how sharp that trough will be and where the trough axis sets up. There will be many shortwaves rotating through over the next few weeks and Pacific Coast energy getting involved. If the northern stream doesn't suppress the southern stream flow way south (and nothing suggests that now) there will be ample opportunities for East Coast snowstorms. The teleconnections are trending to support this.

  4. The jet stream will eventually plunge far enough south for cold air to cover most of the United States. Once we go over the hill of mid-January, Lookout South-Central and Southeastern United states. Yup, waves of cold air will impact us far deep south. WOW amazing right. well below average temps coming as we are sitting at average even here in Texas it's been cold since New Year's Day and especially the Eastern United States Cold Snaps, as we've anticipated. I love how my transition forecast fell into place after a record warmth December 2021. Enjoy the cold because it's the best Winter yet we've got!

  5. I live in the mtn's of north Ga. and my belief is we will continue to see major flip flops so to speak in the souhteast in general. 10 yrs. ago we would get snow every week bur not anymore. Crazy pattern we're in now. Thank you D.W.

  6. A complete bust for Detroit this year. It over. There won't be any snowstorms rest of this winter. Gonna have to wait until next year. Ridiculous!

  7. I believe it the cold pattern will stay potent and persistent with a few brief warm ups til around the end of the winter or a little before then

  8. January cold ? and snow ❄️ February cold ? but little to no ? snow ❄️ March near normal temperatures with normal to above ⬆️ normal snow ❄️ this is all for the east I am ? talking about

  9. There is also potential for two big snowstorms between the 19th-23rd and it seems a little concerning but hopefully we'll get something.

  10. IMO we will ride out a cold pattern until March and then it will flip back above average warmth. Biggest unknown is where cold intrusions with Spring spin up tornadoes.

  11. I'm in south carolina. We have 30 to 40 degree difference from one day to the next. It sucks. The inconsistencies in temperature is a roller coaster.

  12. The reason why it’s gonna be less active is because cold air holds less moisture. Warm air holds more, so if anything, you want warmer temps to have an active pattern.

  13. Always appreciate the updates Direct Weather as they are always informative. May the Old Eastern Slavic Gods Rod and Svarog continue to bless you with prosperity needed or not. Bless be

  14. I Live in Indiana around the Indianapolis area,I want some snowwwwwwww in Indianapolis downward ,do you see Indianapolis area getting snow storms in Jan? LOVE YOUR CHANNEL

  15. Hopefully no more storms hit we are still digging out today…we basically live in a ski town and are prepared for big snow but the last 2 days have been hard. Mail couldn't even be delivered. Kids loved the ❄️days though. Now people's roof are getting Really heavy and some collapsing…But the ?out today…great day for snow shoveling.

  16. I don’t think this cold pattern is going to last here. It’s been cold for 2 days if you wanna call it that. Back into the 40s here today and for the next 10 days with rain ☔️ starting this evening and into Sunday. Southeast Indiana

  17. My prediction is we’ll be in a cold pattern until Groundhog Day because it was warm for a month then cold for a month and that’s how long warm/cold patterns last usually.

  18. It's funny how life and weather really works I sit down and say to myself why when something exciting is going to happen especially when it comes to storm predictions it always fails to happen but when it comes to the quiet weather pattern that forecast never fails it always holds strong LOL when will there ever be a time when the opposites happen when the prediction for tranquil quiet weather fails to happen it's crazy how it works.

  19. Here from Southeast Tennessee. So far we have had 3 forecasted storms ranging from dusting -4 inches. So far, 0 inches of snow, and over a dozen snow flakes.


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