FTM Livestream #91 | How To Catch Bass In Extreme Climate Problems

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During the stream, Jonny and Randy will examine how they adapt to extreme climate cases to catch bass.

Thanks all over again for all the help. We are thrilled to chat fishing with y’all!

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  1. Also wondering if once you have an entire year(all 4 seasons) of breakdowns completed, will you be adding new lakes, maybe with some love for western region? Just wondering. 😏. Keep up the great work guys. Love your channel.

  2. Fantastic stream! Wish I could have watched it live last night. Thanks so much for covering low water conditions. We have EXTREME low water on our large highland reservoirs in the far northern corner of Cali this year. Shasta is already 110ft below full pool. I am looking up at a 45 degree angle 100ft at the shoreline I was fishing this time last year. Your tips on breaking that down was excellent. Thanks! You guys had me crying with laughter with the “alien” segment. 😂🤣😂👍🏼



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