Forgive Me…

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Forgive Me...

Non-confrontational in spirit, quiet, reserved and of humble nature, please indulge me in this “selfie” portrait. The purpose of this posting is not to draw your attention to my expensive designer glasses (on special at Al’s Bait and Tackle store for $29.95), my swarthy good looks, Santa Claus like beard, or my circumspectly color co-ordinated camo outfit (carefully selected to hide various parts of my anatomy in specific backgrounds). My sole purpose was to draw attention to my HAT.

Now I know that some tree-hugger type folks are going to get all bent out of shape about the fact that Peter Rabbit lost his pelt and is probably freezing his ass off right now in our Arctic-like -15 degree weather (sucks to be Peter), I am not going to set forth the proposal that it was manufacture from Earl’s famous road-kill supply, or even speculate how some 6 year old Chinese labourer in some back woods child-labour style factory may have diligently sweated to assembly said head gear. Simply, this head gear when worn on a hair challenged skull, keeps ones head friggin awesomely warm. Should you observe me in my Peter Rabbit hat and don’t approve for the above said speculation – go pound salt. The hat stays.

Not believing that this forum is the place to debate the ethics of “baiting” birds (oh my goodness, did I say the B word?), my only reservation in wearing this apparel is that some owl mistakenly assumes it is in fact “bait” and steals my comfy Peter Rabbit hat (on special this week at TSC for $19.99 plus H.S.T.).

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