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In April 1996, a specially outfitted 737 Armed service Jet crashes exterior of an airport and was identified in items with no survivors. American Authorities officials and large-driven U.S businessmen ended up on a trade mission to Bosnia and Croatia with the previous leg of their trip getting them to Dubrovnik.

The rain designed the journey increasingly tough as they neared the airport. A airplane that experienced just landed got in contact to warn the crew that circumstances were being the bare minimum required to land safely. Following three o’clock, nearby air targeted traffic controllers lost contact with the American airplane. Right after several hours of searching, a area farmer calls in a idea, and sooner or later, the plane is uncovered large in the hills outside of the airport in items with no survivors.

Do you imagine the out-of-date landing gear entirely to blame for the crash or was it the lousy climate disorders?

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From Period 4 Episode 8 “Fog Of War”: In April 1996, American Federal government officers and superior-powered U.S businessmen have been on a trade mission to Bosnia and Croatia with the previous leg of their vacation using them to Dubrovnik. As the flight neared the airport, rain designed the journey increasingly difficult and because the airport was devastated by the new war in the area, it was functioning with outdated landing gear. Following hrs of hunting, the 737 Army Jet is identified superior in the hills outside the house the airport in parts with no survivors. The American Air Drive then launches an investigation to determine the cause of the crash.

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Mayday: Air Disaster is a spectacular non-fiction collection that investigates significant-profile air disasters to uncover how and why they transpired. Mayday: Air Catastrophe follows survivors, household users of crash victims and transportation basic safety investigators as they piece with each other the proof of the will cause of major accidents. So climb into the cockpit for an experience you will not before long forget about.

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  1. I was in the Air Force for 23 years, from '73 to '96. I was also at Ramstein for 3 years just prior to this. I do not for one second believe this aircraft was not equipped with a CVR and an FDR. Both were absolutely "grounding" items if not functioning. This stinks.
    RIP Tsgt Kelly. 😢
    — From Walt, Msgt, USAF (retired)

  2. That "over" stuff is garbage. I talked on the radio 20 thousand times during 23 years in the Air Force. We never said "over" when speaking. It's a myth.

  3. Sadly this is a situation where there's even more pressure on the pilot to do what people WANT rather than what's SAFE. In a military situation, there's alot at stake for the pilot, both in pride and his job.

  4. Lots of people making comments on who to blame. The blame goes on the pilot in command accepting an NDB approach to an airport he had never been to while equipped with one ADF receiver. The crew looks like they were relying on the lat. long. from the INS with no drift correction. Sadly poor judgement created 35 tombstones. Notice how most of these bad weather crashes end up with nice clear weather the next day.

  5. If any of these conspiracy theories are true then it's likely that survivor Shelly Kelly was murdered after she was taken away from the wreck. I'm not a big conspiracy person but theories are still quite prevalent with the crash.

  6. ANYONE who flies after watching all these plane crash channels ARE fools at best.
    (If you fly for work or medical emergency is excusable). But that's it imo.
    Pilot errors, poor maintenance, crap air traffic controllers, bombs, suicidal pilots, etc.
    Driving at least YOU are in control.

  7. ***EVERYONE, Watch CLINTON CHRONICLES. You won't be disappointed.
    Ron Brown was murdered…along with MANY others via direction of the Clinton's. Get on YouTube and look it all up. Not just Clinton chronicles, but all the deaths associated with the trash Clinton's. I know of NO ONE that has more deaths tied to them. Anyone who could snitch them out is 'removed' thru accidents and convenient suicides, etc.
    Suicide in one case the person shot themselves in the back of the head 2x!

  8. The pilots did the best they could with crap circumstances and irrational political pressure. Has anyone looked into the "Clinton Connection"? People around them have a higher than average tendency to die.

  9. Also in 1996, an international flight twa-800 just left nyc and crashed into the water. Many witnesses saw a missile go up before the crash. But it was ruled a faulty tank or something.
    The fbi took the lead investigation. The NTSB began investigation only when the fbi handed it over about a year and a half after the crash.

  10. A Plane full of crooks flying on the taxpayer dollars headed to a place to make deals and Steal more taxpayers money. Too bad the Biden Clan was not aboard. Oh well, s*** happens!

  11. One major thing that the documentary left out, found in the Wikipedia article:
    "The head of navigation at Čilipi Airport, Niko Jerkuić, was found dead three days after the accident with a bullet wound to his chest. The police investigation concluded that the case was a suicide."



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