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Worlds Worst Flights – Episode 5: Intense Climate
Environmental threats to aircraft take a lot of kinds and just about every pose distinctive hazards. In this episode, a woman’s 1st ever flight results in being truly terrifying when ice freezes the motor of the light-weight plane she’s travelling on. Her spouse information the doomed flight though keeping their 7-month-outdated son on his lap. As the pilot attempts to land in a snow-protected area there is a hidden threat which will threaten the life of absolutely everyone onboard. In Dubai, a British family members are caught up in a crash caused by a unexpected modify in wind course. Travellers file the chaos within the aircraft as fire breaks out. The relatives, along with other panicking passengers, rush to escape before the hearth spreads and leads to a catastrophic explosion. In 2009, travellers flying out of New York had no idea their flight was about to make headlines all around the globe. A handful of minutes right after take-off, the airplane was strike by a flock of geese, knocking out the two engines. With no energy and the airplane swiftly dropping altitude more than Manhattan, the pilot swiftly realised they wouldn’t be able to make it to the closest airport. It was then he created a selection that would rework him into one of the most famed pilots in the planet. In Puerto Rico, a couple’s late summer season split is shattered by the imminent arrival of a important hurricane – and they come across on their own caught up in a frantic hurry to board the past airplane off the island in advance of the lethal class 5 hurricane hits.


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  1. Me, my mom, my dad & my cousin Jaslan were going in a 10 trip to Germany, I was excited to go and when everyone got on the plane and we were heading down the runway the plane stopped and it trounced around the captin was saying there was something wrong with the belly of the plane.

  2. 6:00 Already I'm annoyed at this girl. When the narrator said it was her first time flying I thought they were recounting something from when she was 6, not 26! She seems extremely co-dependent and needy. How the heck is her husband going to protect her? Is he a pilot? Does he have airforce training? No! Think for yourselves women!

  3. I just wanna give a shoutout to the idiots who were grabbing their languages, and thanks to them the fight fighter died. If they came out earlier the poor fight fire would not give gone in

  4. I just wanna give a shoutout to the idiots who were grabbing their languages, and thanks to them the fight fighter died. If they came out earlier the poor fight fire would not give gone in

  5. Why can't these airplane engines be built with strong mesh across the front of the? It would act as a deflector, just like cattle guards on trains and bug deflectors on vehicles. Hmmm

  6. Birds are probably some of the dumbest life forms on the planet. How can they not see the jet or pick up vibrations in the air from the rumbling of the engines.

  7. FFS i just watched an episode where passengers on British Airways emptied a plane in 90 seconds using 3 working slides… then you got this bs where passengers are getting out bags and jumping on one another. Absolutely ridiculous and shameful really. Idiots.

  8. the first guy…. is an idiot. maybe that's an understatement. first of all, who takes their 7 month old son on a light aircraft over mountains? that just adds an extra factor for something to go wrong for the pilot. more of a distraction. also, why the hell would you record when you're supposed to brace for impact and protect your son?



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