Flying a low visibility circuit in extreme weather in the Skymaster in Microsoft Flight Simulator

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A quick example circuit in extreme weather conditions in the Cessna Skymaster in Microsoft Flight Simulator. I like to do these exercises from time to time just to practice really – to gain the experience.

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  1. Good video again, I really like your content! I realized that you are calling up OBS at the end to stop the video. I assume you only have 1 screen? If you have an iPad or Android tablet (also most old ones will work, I use an iPad2 or a first generation iPad mini) I can recommend Touch Portal. It is a bit like an Elgato Stream Deck but much cheaper and more flexible. I control all aspects of OBS with it. This includes Start/Stop/Pause, audio channels mute, microphones mute, scene changing, overlay switching… you can try it free and after that you pay a very moderate price for the app. For me it beats expensive hardware.

  2. I did 1 hour ILS approach in poor visibility, gets easier the more you practice. Discovered 1500 ft is enough + take enough space for approach, at least 5nm for approach and landing

  3. Good work Jon, enjoyed watching. I'll do a similar flight. I chose good old EGGS (Stansted) Cessna 414AW at nighttime in rain, RWY22 ILS 110.50. Not as easy as it looks, one go-around before I managed to land. Next time with zero visibility 🙂



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