Floods, Wildfires & Other Extreme Weather Events; Is Climate Change Behind July Devastation? BUZZ

Floods, Wildfires & Other Extreme Weather Events; Is Climate Change Behind July Devastation? BUZZ 7

The State of the Global Climate 2022 report, published by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), found that extreme weather events are increasing in frequency and intensity around the world.

But we don’t need any report to tell us this. This truth is unveiling in plain sight now. Just look at some of the extreme weather events in just last one month. In this week’s Buzz Around The Globe Weekend Edition we delve into this issue deeply.

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  1. I'm still skeptical about climate change because there has been zero effect here in Honolulu Hawaii we're not seeing any effect at all in our area no storms or anyting just our normal typical weather we get

  2. Slight correct….the earth is not coming to an end…what is ending is human growth…and we are not smart enough to stop ourselves…the best we can do is build “life boats” for a billion people

  3. Your brain is coming to an end.
    More than 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia – the area currently made up of Iraq, north-east Syria and south-east Turkey – the Akkadian empire ruled supreme. Until a 300-year-long drought quite literally turned all their plans to dust. It was part of a pattern of changing climate conditions in the Middle East around 2,200 BCE that was constantly disrupting life and up-ending emerging empires.

  4. Surrender to God Almighty Jehovah seek forgiveness and everything matter will be solved read the Holy Words of the Holy God in the Bible
    Not global warming that's misleading

  5. Destruction by humans in every form like, wars , forest denudation, diverting rivers, exploiting the RIver waters in wastage and massive industrialisation have all contributed.

  6. Elon musk was right, AI will swollow our jobs, now reporter needs to find the other job…??..i simply don't understand why we human wants to destroy everything..We created weapons, we created paper money which destroyed family emotions and now we have created AI which will bring the poverty bcz of unemployment….there will be 3 world war between humans and machines ??.

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Mt. Hood sunrise……

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