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Extensive periods of sunny weather a few major rain showers. That is all fine…or is it? With expanding frequency, summertime days are turning into extended durations of drought, even though rainfall is producing catastrophic flooding.

While weather programs have been somewhat moderate and predictable in current generations, now they appear to have been thrown off equilibrium. What’s heading our way – and what can we do to secure ourselves?

29 May possibly 2016 is a working day Frank Harsch will hardly ever forget. The mayor was in his workplace at the city corridor in Braunsbach in close proximity to Schwäbisch Corridor in southern Germany. The rain was coming down in buckets. Abruptly he felt the creating vibrate. When he appeared out of the window, he observed a wave of brown drinking water crashing past, carrying autos and debris together with it.

A storm and a several several hours of weighty rain was all it took to completely transform a village stream into a devastating monster wave. Abruptly, Braunsbach was a catastrophe zone. It’s a scenario which is turning into all far too common. The opposite situation is equally widespread, of late: heatwaves and droughts that previous numerous months. Irrespective of the many flood catastrophes of summer 2021, in many regions it’s just too dry.

In other regions of Germany, trees are dying since humidity isn’t penetrating deep sufficient into the floor to get to the roots. Rainfall has lessened to these kinds of an extent in current a long time that forestry workers have been forced to come up with new means to direct water to where it’s most required.
In the movie, climate industry experts and local weather scientists forecast what the long run may have in retailer for us. Their forecasts may be bleak, but there are options and initiatives in location to at minimum test and mitigate the results of serious climate occasions.

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  1. Super documentation. Well planned, very informative, community oriented, good participation of the community members. All showed concerns and willingness to cooperate, using educated professionals. Good model for other communities. Excellent! Bravo!

  2. The human primate is undoubtedly the most brilliant of any animal species but at the same time, it is also the most profoundly stupid. No other animal consciously destroys the very environment it is dependent upon for survival, except for the human. In our ignorant quest to destroy the planet, we are also causing the elimination of millions of other animal and plant species. Earth is currently in the midst of the sixth mass extinction. The previous extinctions, mostly attributed to climate change, killed an estimated 75% to 96% of all living things.

  3. In the 60's and 70's we were all about climate change, plastics, et al. But politicians didn't agree, they still don't get it. Now, it's too late and this is how I feel about all the fools who contributed to this ???

  4. Why people question the why the droughts, floods, fires, hurricane, tornados. We are close to the Second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and all this is happening because God is calling us to repent and come back to Him and his Son Jesus Christ. It is going to get worse and worse. Read the scriptures The Bible and the Book of Mormon another testament of Jesus Christ. All the signs are there fallow the Scriptures, fallow the Prophets old and now President Russell M Nelson. God speaks through them. We need to be prepared for what is coming, we all brothers and sisters can help each other in all these difficult times ahead. God bless you

  5. Ask ur government why their using chemtrails and Haarp.Theres ur answer,ur being brainwashed, they are changing the climate. Look up at the sky, does it look normal to u

  6. Human population going up by around 100 million people per year when is this taboo subject going to be talked about, as too many people is the main cause of climate change

  7. You don't have to agree because I'm not here to win over anyone but
    I do believe all this crazy weather and natural disasters all over the world are partly God's wrath being poured out on the world for excluding Him and His commandments.
    He warned us like he warned those before us after bringing them out of the wilderness. They forgot what God had done for them and how he blessed them. We've done the same. Man thinks he can get by without God and his protection. NOPE.

  8. Just a thought: Maybe a time of such catastrophe, drought, war, famine, and such isn't the right time to institute all manner of progressive institutional, social, an environmental changes at once and in short order. That makes no sense, of course everything will fail.

  9. CLIMATE CHANGES that's a fact, human induced climate change? that's very much up for debate. But just in case we can start by banning private jets and yachts and war "games", there can be no games when talking about climate right? no games of any kind! let alone games that got a massive carbon footprint and cost millions to taxpayers.

  10. The problem these politicians have is NOT understanding that ULTIMATE POWER ( this applies to weather too) belongs to GOD ALMIGHTY and we should HONOUR HIM. If not we might have PLAQUES and FLOODs just like at Pharaon times and Noah's time.

  11. Absolutely not true. DW is creating unnecessary fear and scare. Part of their woke agenda. Let's see if they pass through winter without nuclear energy!

  12. The real problem is bad city planning .
    Houses got built where the creek or river used to have room to flood and instead got put into a narrow channel , like a straight – jacket .
    These valley towns should learn and move to higher ground .
    ( same goes for any town right next to big rivers )
    The rivers need space , meadows to take up the extra waters .
    This documentary fails to look at how rivers function in nature .
    Another good example that points out human mistakes .

  13. The weather (climate) is the same as a hundred years ago. I see some have been brain washed by liberals, yes they are good at it. Its like you think your car runs better after the oil has been changed, only if you let it go so long it has turned to tar. Most see a one or two storms and think that is the largest they have ever seen. May be, but a hundred and fifty years is just a blink of time since day one. You will suffer from all the taxes they will take from you to "fix" the earth and will be able to control every thing you want to do. The house you live in, the car you drive, where you live, your AC/Heater , business. Everything we have or do takes energy and they will TAX the shiet out of it. Hope you like your sorry life after the dimocraps get through draining you. They will watch you all the time you WILL do what they will want you to do and not what you want to do. I saw years ago where the temperature taking stations were put in hot areas, near ACs to get heat spikes, on blacktop instead of grass and so on. It was on the internet but the pictures were taken down. Why? Hide one way they CHEAT and lie.

  14. 2023 will bring severe summer heat here in texas over our summer may -september our daily average was 100+. This is odd for texas. I know ppl gonna say well its a sunbelt state and always been hot…NOO its not our regular hot….to make it plain ill say this over the summer it was so hot you couldn't cut ur grass it was so hot if you got a pool you boiled in it mid day ppl used they pools when sun go down…..IT WAS SO FUKIN HOT b4 u get in your baking car you gotta cut on the air and let it cool for about 5 minutes….this ? and heat is very abnormal here in the south i refuse to be the boiling frog something is seriously wrong

  15. clean energy clean water The biggest idea I am trying to express is tunneling aqueducts from the coast, in this case the west coast of the USA inland to feed combination geothermal power and sea water desalination plants. The idea seems to be so big that no one has considered it possible but I believe it is not only possible but it is necessary. For over a century the fossil water contained in aquifers has been pumped out to feed agriculture, industry and municipal water needs. The natural water cycle cant refill fossil water deposits that were filled 10,000 years ago when the glaciers melted after the last ice age. Without refilling these aquifers there is not much of a future for the region of the United states. As a result ground levels in some areas of the San Joaquin Valley have subsided by more than 30 feet. Similar fossil water depletion is happening in other regions all around the world. TBM and tunneling technology has matured and further developments in the industry are poised to speed up the tunneling process and it's these tunnels that are the only way to move large volumes of water from the ocean inland. The water is moved inland to areas where it can be desalinated in geothermal plants producing clean water and power. In many cases the water will recharge surface reservoirs where it will be used first to make more hydro power before being released into rivers and canal systems. It's very important however to not stop tunneling at these first stops but to continue several legs until the water has traveled from the ocean under mountain ranges to interior states. Along the way water will flow down grade through tunnels and rise in geothermal loops to fill mountain top pumped hydro batteries several times before eventually recharging several major aquifers. What I am proposing is essentially reversing the flow of the Colorado River Compact. Bringing water from the coast of California first to mountaintop reservoirs then to the deserts of Nevada and Arizona and on to Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. This big idea looks past any individual city or states problems and looks at the whole and by using first principles identifies the actual problem and only solution.

    A better future is possible.

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