Flooding in Trinidad today | Heavy rain, severe weather, storm, flash flood in Trinidad today

trinidad flooding today | Heavy rain, severe weather, storm, flash floods in Trinidad today

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Trinidad and Tobago is currently in the middle of the wet season and has already seen significant rainfall nationwide.
The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Department (Meteorological Agency) said flooding risks would increase across the country during this year’s rainy season.

Areas such as the Karoni and North-South Oroporch basins are of increasing concern.
Increased rainfall also creates flood hazards, especially in low-lying areas.

Loopnews visited Chaguanas to speak to people who share their views on the authorities’ flood management. A majority agreed that many of T&T’s flooding problems were man-made, with improperly treated waste clogging drains.


Natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mudflows, landslides, landfalls, avalanches, floods, tsunamis, and limnological catastrophes can cause devastating effects on people’s lives and the environment. Other disasters include flooding, flash floods, forest fires, tornadoes, cyclones, blizzards, hail, drought, hurricanes, storms, and extreme weather conditions brought on by climate change and global warming. Thunderstorms, typhoons, tempests, and lightning are also disastrous to the environment. The impact of these disasters is often captured on camera and shared in live news broadcasts, bringing awareness to the world about the reality of these world natural disasters.


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