First Light || Sharr Mountains, Macedonia

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First Light || Sharr Mountains, Macedonia

I was hiking with friends, a very long trip to get to this place but luckily for us, we had a guide with a horse and we loaded all the bags there. Unfortunately for the horse, we were around 12 photogs, and you can assume the amount of gear there was 🙂

Anyway, to get to the point. I was there to take pictures obviously, not that i enjoy that much hiking for no reason 😛 After shooting the whole night for stars and milky way, i think the morning after i captured a bit of a better looking photo, at least that’s what i think

The atmosphere looked nice and the sky was great, but i decided to ruin this peaceful place with my presence in it 🙂 so that’s me, and basically this is a selfie, just you cant really see my face, but its fine 😀
I shot 3 exposures, and blended them all in Photoshop, a really painful process since i couldn’t stay still in all of them… But i managed to get it all good, i think 😀

Even though many people are watching the new announcements from APPLE today about their new things, i think my photo is not that boring, is it?

If it is, here you go (The link to the apple live stream)

Enjoy, which one you prefer 😛

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