Finest Pilots in the Earth Storm Ciara Crosswind landings and Takeoffs and Go-all around Severe Weather

All aircraft landed and took off securely ! These pilots are properly qualified and airplanes are nicely create.

Enjoy out for Embraer E190 Go-all around at Birmingham EGBB Airport through Storm Ciara . The pilots received windshear warning at minimums and made the decision to abort the landing. The wind was 210°↑ 25 gusty up to 39 knots.
Also in this footage Emirates Airbus A380 crosswind landing with an outstanding reverse thrust , Boeing 787 takeoff in the course of bad climate problems and quite a few much more.
At just one issue I had to stop filming , it was much too windy ! Britain is bracing for more lousy temperature this weekend, with forecasters warning that Storm Dennis could hit the Uk. Achieved Office environment meteorologists have verified that there will be solid gusts throughout the Uk, with a yellow temperature warning in put on Saturday

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  1. Не согласен. Пилоты как пилоты. Работа у них такая. А вот чем лучше самолёт, тем лучше у него все, в том числе и система автопилот.

  2. Respect to pilots ofc, but on the other hand – let's have a look on the passengers – If I were there I would be sinking in my own excrements 😀

  3. А садиться надо хочешь не хочешь топливо имеет свойство заканчиваться как и деньги



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