Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Intense Climate Screening | FCA Proving Ground Arjeplog

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Chapter two:

Arjeplog is a township region in northern Sweden that handles about 14,500 km2, made up of the FCA Proving Floor. Arjeplog provides excellent problems and services for tests automobiles in intense small temperature situations: its latitude is comparable to that of Iceland and the temperature can drop to -40°C… but security is a essential precedence. The presence of many frozen lakes gives a lot of kilometres of testing tracks with ample risk-free escape routes. A further plus, taking into consideration the aggressive nature of the sector, is the area’s isolation: approximately 1,000 km from Stockholm and from the North Cape, guaranteeing most discretion. The grip of the ice is unrelenting, and this helps make it doable for specialised professionals to consistently have out assessments to high-quality-tune air conditioning, defrosting and demisting units, as properly as checking the general performance of all resources, and the response periods of the vehicles’ a lot of lively devices. In addition, the area’s stunning frozen landscape gives very low-grip surfaces on which big icy pistes and slopes have been made. These are applied to have out quite a few assessments, from the set-up of auto suspension to kinematics (structural yielding is right here minimized to zero) and repeated tests of tires, brakes, handle units, traction and differential programs. Almost everything must do the job beautifully even in the most difficult scenarios!


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