Fatal floods batter Sicily as severe temperature hits Italy

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Fierce storms ongoing to batter southern Italy for a third working day on Tuesday leaving roads absolutely submerged in water in parts of the island of Sicily.

Movie filmed from an apartment balcony in the town of Catania showed vehicles submerged in h2o as highly effective floods engulfed a street all through a storm.

Italian weather internet site reported areas of Sicily and the adjacent toe of Italy, Calabria, have been getting pounded by a unusual Mediterranean hurricane, recognized as a Medicane.

The Civil Defense unexpected emergency aid overall body issued another of its maximum crimson alert for the northern and japanese strategies of Sicily and sections of southern Calabria on Tuesday, warning of possible possibility to lifetime and injury to assets in individuals locations.

The overall body of a 67-calendar year-aged man who died in the course of the storm was located in the town of Scordia near Catania on Monday. His spouse remains lacking.

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  1. Someone going to tell us again that this is climate change. Because we’ve never had floods before 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  2. If only there was something we could do to stop or and reduce this from happening. Or we could just moan when someone protests

  3. To avoid death by the strong earthquakes mag 6 earthquake tsunami volcano floods tornadoes lightning hailstrom the non-muslims to convert to islam in Italy in Spain in England in Europe and to avoid hell if the end of the world October 29.2021.

  4. Well at least there'll be no protesting there but on a good note keep up the good work officers and keep safe 👍

  5. They need good storm drains in the towns and much better water flow management. The climate cultists might want to tell us that Noah had to build the Ark 4000 years or so ago because of "man-made climate change". Religion told us it was because God was displeased by man's sinfulness. The Climate Cultists tell us it is because we evil folk drive cars, heat our homes in winter, and enjoy travel. Weather patterns have always changed. We need to employ engineering science to adapt. Not dodgy computer-gaming climate "science" that tells us we can control the weather. That is possibly the most dangerous deranged delusion in history.

  6. No, this is not climate change so shut up! This happens: "The 2009 Messina floods and mudslides occurred in Sicily on the night of 1–2 October, mainly along the Ionian coast in the Province of Messina. They also affected other parts of northeastern Sicily and killed a total of at least 31 people,[1] some of whom were swept out to sea. More than 400 people were left homeless, as many houses collapsed."



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