Familiar (without flowers)

Familiar (without flowers)

The self portrait without the flowers overlaid on it. I was thinking what to write for this photo so I’m going to ramble a bunch of and pardon my language bullshit. I’ve felt so restless the last few days. A part of me wishes I could travel right now. I mean technically I can but then I’m thinking about covid in the back of my mind and I’m not so much afraid of covid but people around me not wearing masks to being responsible. Then on top of that my tummy has had some issues lately and traveling to a different part of the country with tummy issues sounds like an awful idea. Then to add on top of all of this my mental health has felt not great recently with the random crying at work. I think because my birthday is coming up and I’m still doing retail thinking I have some talent to photograph and blah blah wasting my life. Basically I’m having a pity party. Anyways I know I’ll be okay or at least I want to be okay. I know I have the function of seeing what I want. I need to move towards goals and not be full of fear.

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