EXTREME Winter Storms on the Way! HEAVY Snowfall, Major Severe Weather, Winter & Spring Clash!

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EXTREME Winter Storms on the Way! HEAVY Snowfall, Major Severe Weather, Winter & Spring Clash!

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  1. This weather modification is bullshit. All weekend my weather bug app showed snow and even got weather alerts, for Monday and Tuesday . Then poof , all sunshine , nothing …. no rain at all !

  2. Most snow in my life in NY Dec. 26 1947 ahead to 1948. Next was Mar. 3rd 4th and 5th 1960 followed by a very cold summer then a very snowy Dec.12 into 1961. You need a very cold stable High to the north and a slow moving low moving slowly from the south. Need a northeast wind direction not east or southeast. A blizzard years ago was defined by wind above 30 MPH and 17 degrees or lower. No such thing as wind chill was ever used. Only my opinion .Also no red alerts.

  3. One of my friends told me a couple of weeks ago that all "meteorologists" started saying we weren't going to get any snow from these 25 or 26 systems we've had this winter, maybe we would actually get some snow. Not happening, for sure. I think that we will get our snows in the latter part of February through March and as everyone knows, when they happen in March, they don't stick around for long.

  4. I really like the thumbnail, it reminds me of when I first started watching your channel. Also, thanks for making amazing weather videos, you make me and thousands of people be weather aware every single day.
    Regarding the weather: The EF-1 tornado that hit in my county on January 16, 2023 was an interesting occurrence – only the 2nd known January tornado in Iowa in 56 years. I would also love to see a decent snowstorm.
    Regarding the Super Bowl game: If I had to make a bold prediction, I would say the Kansas City Chiefs would win.

  5. The gfs is on crack it cant make up its mind. And the warmer east coast waters is definitely the reason behind why its been so warm. If only we can cool it down somehow. The gulf of maine especially.

  6. In the Mid-Atlantic and so grateful its missing us! gotten rain but very little snow and I'm pleased about that! I dont care about the super bowl, not a fan of NFL

  7. I can no longer watch you. Your comment against the bills was uncalled for. At least the bills are trying to get to the super bowl without cheating. That seems like the only way the Pat's can make it to the super bowl.

  8. S.W. Ohio here. Looks bad . We could use some rain but not all that snow if it does. It has been a very strange winter here. Up in the sixties then drop down to short freezing. Yes, very strange.

  9. The one with the most points will definitely win. And whoever uses the magnetic gloves and pays more to the referees. But mostly the one with the most points will be declared the winner.



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