“Extreme Weather” – Why Are Cities Being Flooded All Around the World?

Patrick Bet-David, the Home Team, and Liz Wheeler discuss the strange amount of extreme weather events occurring all around the world and what might be causing them.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller Your Next Five Moves (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


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  1. No matter how hot it gets during summer, there is always snow on the highest mountains. I think that freezing mark keeps world temperatures from going so high that life ends. That would be the only thing about the climate that would worry me, if that freezing mark starts going away.

  2. Climate change high-end issues are not there. The guy on your show needs to open up and look at research. Because you're wrong….end of story.
    They don't want to debate because they don't have enough facts…impossible when they aren't there 🤷‍♂️

  3. She must be wealthy if she doesn't think things were better for us when Trump was president. She sure never watched one of his rallies if she thinks his "cult" only has 10,000 people in it.

  4. when will someone expose to the nation world that the deep state Gov is controlling the weather We have had this ability since vietnam Only much better at it now Program to Flood with extreme rain cause earthquakes you name it… just so they control the weather to make you believe in Climate change… There are 16 thousand scienctist who say we are not in a natural climate distruption ask WEF whos funding this operation…. Agenda 21 which is now Agenda 30 Trump got in the way Hillary was supposed to begin the end of us…. wake UPEveryone should follow Whitney Webb she has some interesting news about no election in 2024 cancel Marshall law on redacted… Wake UP people

  5. there are two factors not seen by Patrick Bet- David and his guests first is the ignorance of humans only worried about lining their pockets with money for their own families generational wealth and comforts we no longer recycle what we have but create products to fail quickly to manufactoreven more quickly while depleting the earth or natural resource's and filling the earth with landfills. Humans are wasteful of food, fuel education and time.

    No one spoke on the fact that the latest storm from Florida to Maine only up the east coast is not per say natural, could that be a huge message from God and Mother Earth/natural to get your shit right before we make you. Storms do not normally run in a straight line for 1800 miles like this unless there is a force creating it if man can do this like in the Vietnam War. You had better betGod/ Nature can set a message its angry.

    And there are many people of this earth who are very connected to the power of nature and God who have control/influence of weather patterns for instance last November Buffalo's 77 inches of snow was supposed to hit all of NY Snowbelt. the five days of storms missed one city in particular Syracuse we had sun and blue sky's and only a dusting a few days out of that five days. Last X-mas Biden sent out a warning for storms for the entire northeast to be shut down that didn't happen. Why one of God's little helpers in that area and a local lake did not freeze over the first time in maybe 50 years. Again God's little helpers this is him answering prayers and sending a message. X-mas forecast 2023 NY sunny and 50 degrees. The Draconian Governments are on the way out. And sometime you can't interfere with his plans and let him send a clear message who is incharge. Maine to Florida should be a straightforward message. love and respect our home/ Earth and the Farther/Creator .God Bless the ones affected. Praise Jesus Amen

  6. 12,000 year earth cycle. Pole Excursion has accelerated, magnetic field is down 20%, Aurora Borealis at lower levels, whales & birds dying the sun is going to micro nova, a big flood likely. Our ancient ancestors around the world left messages about these events. I remember when the sun was yellow. Look at it tomorrow. This is the secret not ufo distractions. Good luck. Believe your eyes not the tv

  7. Search 4 "The Grand Solar Minimum" – It's a predictable scientific pattern that Our Sun follows. Think 🤔 Haley's Comet Predictability that is how precise this pattern of the Sun 🌞 really is… In the 1800's Native American Tribes in South Florida called snow ❄️ "White Rain". Yes it also snowed in Miami last year. In 2024 & beyond for the next few decades the weather is going to be much more extreme. This is why we are having floods & droughts all over the world. Crops in Europe got fried by the sun this year & fires galore, heat waves, etc… It should be a very nasty Winter 🥶 Get your feces consolidated.

  8. People really need to get informed about weather modification. This shit has been going on for decades. This country has been ignorant for way too long. If they aren’t causing the floods, they have the technology to suppress and steer them but they are not using it. What does that tell you?

  9. The guy talking about the 10 years is an absolute moron. This has been debunked by many scientists. There has been proven micro climatic events in the last thousands of years there has been Warmer or colder periods. Patrick you need to fire this guy. Or I’m done watching this podcast

  10. This would make more sense if you had invited a … CLIMATE SCIENTIST / HYDROLOGIST / PHYSICIST instead of a trashy trumpian political commentator!
    Ran out of budget?! For the same reason people hire building engineers when wishing to see a new building constructed, you should also hire people with a certain expertise in this field!
    The ignorance spouted here is strong!

  11. That is crazy that I am seeing this show about climate change with ray and dry out . I saw the same store happened in Argentina years ago, a man posted that people were talking there water. We are on that way someone should look in to that climate change story

  12. God is in control, and the sooner people realize it the better off we’ll be. Be good stewards of the planet? Sure. But to spend tons of money and control what everyone buys and does, etc. is a bunch of hooey.

  13. Geniuses: warring on both "sides"… of course the world is going to "heat up" when you have artificial, man-made fires sparking up globally… The climate LITERALLY has changed here on OAHU since Schofield ARMY BASE STARTED the MILILANI "wild-fire" less than a week ago…….. why…??? Because there are literally THOUSANDS OF INFANTRY from across the nation that are "stationed" here in little tents they blew up and are PISSED THAT THEY HAVE TO MARCH and TRAIN in "SCHOFIELD – EAST RANGE" (where the "wild-fire" started) ….hint hint hint

  14. Don't judge me, but when you have someone in the same room as you, well within ear shot you should use their name. Not he or she. Try this "rule" it is so much more respectful.

  15. Weather engineering at its finest. Cloud seeding. Chem Trails. HAARP, small enough now to mount in a truck bed. Look to the psycho elite self-proclaimed gods. Idiots think they can narrate the cyclical events of our Sun and planetary system.

  16. Murcia has a military airport the 2 air traffic controllers left and have publically said military airanes taking off day and night spraying chemicals.
    Photos of the planes being refilled…
    Listen 75 % of europeans and.americans are easy to manipulate!! The vaccine proves that people cannot think for themselves anymore , they no longerr question what they are told.
    Programed by television and brainwashed by newspapers..
    Statistics do not lie…..

  17. Adam believes in the climate change !!! Where were the thermometers placed last test and records ,before the name change of Global Warming , all thermometers were placed next to heavy tarmaked areas air strips , and A/C condensation units in summers !!! May be a warning from God ! God said he ; would not destroy the whole world ,so he’s keeping it isolated , do not mess with my children !!!,

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