Extreme weather: UK suffers two nights of record low temperatures

Extreme weather: UK suffers two nights of record low temperatures 7

The UK is set for further snow and ice after the record for the coldest night of the year so far was broken for the second night in a row. The Met Office has extended a yellow warning for snow and ice covering northern Scotland and north east England until noon on Friday. Met Office spokesperson Becky White said that the areas covered by the warning could see up to 10cms of fresh snow on higher ground.
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  1. This is not extreme its just how winter should be. In the early 1960s there was at least a foot (30cm) of snow on the ground from Nov to the end of March.

  2. LMFAO. Trying to hype up -3c as extreme cold?. The coldest temperatures this year?meaning this WINTER. The last time the Thames froze (completely) was 1963.the average winter temperature for 1970-1990 was -12c.?. Our world is getting warmer.

  3. Record low I'm sat on my balcony right now and I haven't even felt a chill down my spine, sounds like a big scam to make people stay in use their heating so energy companies profit.

  4. We're not suffering at all, the only thing knocking people back right now in the UK is inflation of fuel & food just to feed the pockets of the extreme-left who are controlling us.

    Why don't you report that instead ?

  5. New interpretation of the word “record”, meaning the most extreme temperature of the year. That’s not what I think of when someone says “record temperature”.

  6. ? lmao at these bull shite newspaper headlines blowing on about covid then ukraine the. variants then global warming even though we are freezing for a month now, ?‍♂️ wake up people this is all bs news absolutely all of it

  7. Yes,record temperature since 1912,1924,1930,1945,1952,1961……….. 2012,………. . Stop with these theatre . You want the peoples to feel guilty and for the cold weather because to blame the humans and the animals for the " Global warming" created by the paid " scientists " is not enough for you ? Peoples are not so brainwashed . Soon all the media and the journalists will answer questions who paid them for all these lies

  8. Wheres Gretna and the great 'unwashed' this time of year ?!? Oh I forgot…it's WINTER and things are supposed to be cold ! ??‍♂️

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