Extreme weather threatens holiday travel

Extreme weather threatens holiday travel 7

Over 85 million Americans are on alert Tuesday night as a powerful storm system brings blizzard conditions to much of the country.



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  1. What Biden did so cleverly was that Snake and Morlow didn't break the stick, giving Zelensky an opportunity to address the US Senate to ignore the obstacle that American Republicans are starting to oppose when Biden is giving billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, and Zelensky gave a message to Republicans that America What is being given to Ukraine is not a proposal, it is a strategy to relieve Biden of pressure through American investment in Ukraine, so that the Republicans do not put pressure on Biden, and already Biden has announced a bigger budget for Ukraine so that the Republicans do not obstruct the House. There have been 4 accusations against Trump from the Senate, which will be 40 years if sentenced, and fearing that the Republicans should not obstruct the release of money, if they obstruct, Trump will be sued and punished, if they are not prevented, there will be no prosecution and no punishment against Trump.

  2. The creepy crooks in the White House slipped themselves a few billion…. doesn't look like they feel threatened by a little snow. Merry Christmas America.

  3. Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.

  4. climate cult logic: global warming causes more precipitation and thus worse blizzards in winter. but in summer, it means droughts. because they feel it.

  5. The only reason Pakistan's rulers continue to fail is that we have not abolished Shirk in this country. Allah's help will not arrive until we make an oath and abolish Shirk and all its forms. Muhammad Qasim Dreams are a guidance for Pakistanis.

  6. If you do NOT have to travel ; Stay Home ? Always keep your car truck full of Gas and put more in your reserve gas container and bring that liquid so your gas will not freeze ? Food to eat ???????water to drink ? ? ? ? ? ? Extra Blankets & socks, maybe a heating blankets and Toilet paper. Flashlights, take the snow off your car so the trucks will see you car. Take as much snow you can others will see your Car, Keep your car lights on and bring a device that you can shoot in the air, Now do not stand outside of your car, stay inside not to get hit………………….Am I forgetting something?

  7. Hello from Wisconsin! Please don't drive in these conditions if you don't have to, but if you gotta: pack a warm blanket in your car. Pump your breaks, don't slam them! Don't go too fast, so you can slowly ease to a stop.

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