Extreme Weather | STEM LP Series 2021

In today’s video, we will discuss the topic of extreme weather. Extreme weather by definition is the unexpected, unusual, severe, or unseasonal weather that has not been recorded as a pattern in the past. Human-driven carbon pollution is causing more climate disasters such as larger and longer burning wildfires, lethal heat waves, droughts, dangerous hurricanes, severe rainfalls, flooding and increasingly intense winter storms. These events may have been rare in the past, but now they are frequent and occur almost all around the world.

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Presenter – Asia Mitchell, Ethan Farrell
Script Writer – Laduli Hewage
Editor – Ethan Farrell
Thumbnail – Asia Mitchell
Social Media Connections – Jaelyn Wan
Descriptions – Laduli Hewage

Special thanks to:
Angelo Pellizzari
Christina Manning
Jocelyn Chun
Patric McConnell

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