Extreme Weather Safety Message

Extreme Weather Safety Message 7

As the nation faces this year’s hurricane season, it is critical that the chemical industry understand and prepare for the potential safety hazards posed by extreme weather events.

Learn more about the CSB’s Arkema investigation here:

Watch the CSB’s safety video on the Arkema incident, “Caught in the Storm: Extreme Weather Hazards,” here:

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  1. Unprecedented risk analysis…. facility safety guidelines need to be updated to reflect potential risks in case of possible meteor strikes…..
    You do understand the definition of unprecedented right

  2. So up until this event you failed in your basic functions. That's not being proactive just reactive. Even the OSHA 10 hr class teaches one to be proactive. SMH too many will now recognize your failings & failures as outlined above.

  3. I'd say the voice is good. However you probably want to think about minimising how loud the breathing is. The voice sounds fine but listening to the narrator breathing in and out is what makes it sound worse.

  4. I'll never know how companies can operate efficiently let alone operate at all with all the government regulations thrown at them. Here's one for ya.. shit happens.

  5. A pre weekend assessment gathering forecasts from Thursday and Friday for preparations and having staff on hand during the weekend for companies that close on weekends could help. At least have a list of companies to warn and have particulars on what needs care at facilities with their locations with all contact info needed for good effect.

  6. My opinion is the DR really should correct here statements about not planning for severe weather events. This was not just severe or extreme weather, it was unprecedented and damn near impossible. 65" of rain In 48hrs is what I measured about 4 miles away from the Arkema facility, and that doesn't include what escaped the rain gauge at night. Almost all industry has lightning mitigation and it is almost impossible to plan for an event such as this that has never happened and never thought possible in the Crosby Area. There was a flood in the early 90's we have had here that left about a foot of water when I was in kindergarten here, but this was 4' of water all around at the lowest spots. No amount of planning could have changed this outcome. Crosby Resident and chemical/oil and gas workers who's family has been here for over 100 years. Furthermore a damn failure with an isolated area is in no way comparable to this event. All of the Houston metropolitan area and over 100 miles in every direction was inundated with 4-14' of water, some roadways over 20' and any means of getting to or getting the chemicals out to a safe area was untenable. Im not sure if the good DR lives in the area or not but my guess is if she did she would understand the scope of this and understand it more.

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