Extreme weather, rising sea levels, devastating floods – The global climate crisis | DW Documentary

Extreme weather is occurring more frequently worldwide. Rising sea levels and heavy rain are causing devastating floods. Most researchers agree that these are the consequences of climate change. But what can we do to protect ourselves?

In July 2021, the Ahr Valley in western Germany was hit by a flash flood after heavy rainfall. Over 100 people were killed, thousands of homes were severely damaged. Experts are calling it the ‘flood of the century’. Yet extreme weather events such as the Ahr Valley floods have become more frequent in recent years – not only in Germany but worldwide. Mozambique has been hit by devastating cyclones for the third year running. In Bangladesh, the monsoon season has become heavier and more unpredictable due to climate change. More and more land has been flooded as a result. At the same time, heavy storms that cause flooding and rising sea levels threaten the south of the country. Experts estimate that 30 per cent of Bangladesh will be permanently flooded in a few years, making millions of people climate refugees.

Wealthy countries such as Germany are now investing billions in the battle against the floods. The Netherlands have long pioneered in flood management, building powerful pumping stations, ever higher dikes and flood barriers. None of these options are available to poor countries. All they can do, along with improving early flood warning systems, is to resettle the people affected. The film ‘Global Climate Crisis – How to Tackle the floods?’ shows the unequal fight against the consequences of climate change with examples from Germany, the Netherlands, Bangladesh, and Mozambique.

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  1. I think we're I building a house I knew was on the oceans occasional dance card,I would build it like a boat upside down. The bow would face the water to part the water and debree around the house instead of through it. The aft so too would be as the bow to part the water on decline. Build your seabearing homes incorporating the function of the bow and see them stand longer and stronger.the bow can also be used in landscaping channeling water away from your investment. Happy building.

  2. It was a very mild Winter, in Northern Illinois. For the second year in a row, I didn't have to use my snow blower to clear off a foot of snow. I only had two to three inches, at most, at a time (easy to clear off with a snow shovel)……..The way i see it, in 125 years, I'll have summers like Saint Louis has now. Texas will be unlivable.
    People who live in First World Countries do not want to give up their modern convenience items, if they are Middle Class, or Higher.

  3. One thing drives all of Earth's problems, and it is human population growth! You can do all environmental corrections you want but if the population keeps growing, your effort is net zero gain. Every human starts polluting, using Earth's resources from the day he/she is conceived and begins full assault against nature from the day you are born. Examples: think about the amount of everyday diapers that go to the landfill everyday for every infant using disposal diapers; cloth diapers produce water pollution when they are washed; and all the plastic toys and unnecessary games and junk you THROW out everyday–one thing most don't think off–how many plastic pens have you used and thrown away in your life time? Bet you never thought about it. Probably hundreds, every person. Everyday for the rest of every human's life, we pollute–that's in everything we do, this is fact. We are the only creature that pollutes while the rest of the world's creatures' wastes/activities are reused by other living things. Think free to see!

  4. RE: Jason Melton – Thank you for the explanation you gave, also I wish people to realise that the world is already off axis 25 degrees, ie. It's in it's periodic wobble stage which in turn has caused climate problems. Also we have jet streams causing havoc with the weather Inc. the fact that more volcanos than ever are erupting spewing carbon etc into the atmosphere. The whole lot are natural and we are not responsible for the problem occurring. That does not mean we are exempt. There are many ways we can help to make things cleaner and in the process aid nature. But it is the top billionares and manufacturers, also pharmaceutical companies who cause most damage in excess in their drive for ever more riches.

  5. What's the point of building houses and not finishing them off!! That's a waste of money. Most of the people are old and poor and can't afford materials! Who advises the contractors and where has all the money gone!

  6. That is right living within the water than against the water infact brunei is one for more than 50 years many live on top of the water infact it has school and look like a subdivision..i watched it on you tube…

  7. The blood was in Jesus
    Now Jesus has spread the blood
    In everyone
    The truth
    The honesty
    The test
    The challenge
    And the great meltdown

    Has begun
    Jan 2022
    The new beginning
    The planet was reset
    God is awakening the 60-70 percent
    Be ready
    For gods fire ?
    The one he puts inside us
    Just have faith in him
    Best thing you could do
    Have faith
    It will get worse before it gets better
    There will be many countries
    This year struggling
    Tidal waives
    Intense heat
    You name it
    Goodbye to the planet
    We knew
    The truth is
    The angels are going to take it away
    To teach everyone
    I.know it will be very harsh
    But humanity ? went backwards
    With greed
    But hello to many new things
    When the light will shine through Afterwards
    New species
    New findings
    New technology
    Even water for people that never had water
    The angels will bring it all
    You guys it's time to pay the piper
    They may even crack the fault line
    Big trouble
    How do I know
    Because I’m very old
    ancient old
    see it all happen
    I’m here to help you all
    Most of all
    I’m here to help Jesus
    I will be here until the end of the 7 year tribulation
    Until I have given all I got
    This is for real this time
    Get ready

  8. You cannot wisely give money compensation to leaders in developing economies, b/c it will not reach the people. Better to send medical and food supplies, possibly temporary shelters, but NEVER MONEY.

  9. My grandpa from the CIA with a high clearance on his death bed told us that we don't need to worry about climate change because a progenitor race of aliens from Venus are taking care of it by strengthening the Ozone layer and that theirs nothing we could do anyways.

  10. I grew up in Richmond in Surrey and my playground was Richmond Park. I wrote about this in Firstgreensteps because there has been such a worrying decline British wildlife.

  11. People seem to think that flooding only affects people near natural waterways.
    I live in a state that doesn't have a flat spot on it.
    We have flooding events but even high areas are affected by landslides.
    I work in the construction industry and in the past 5 years we have become landslide emergency experts.
    Last year we cleared over a dozen slides that took out highways,roads,homes and bridges.
    Where our buisness is located there is a small stream that has a railroad running over it in several locations.
    Approximately 2 miles of this stream was reengineered due to extensive damage to the rail,bridges and nearby property.
    We had 10 such events in a 10 month period.
    I personally watched a small stream turn into a raging river.
    To the point were rescue crews with powered rubber rafts were brought into to rescue people trapped in their cars.
    I'm now a firm believer in climate change and that no one is immune from it.

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