EXTREME Weather On the Way! Cold and Snow to Return for the End of January?! Severe Weather and more

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EXTREME Weather On the Way! Cold and Snow to Return for the End of January?! Severe Weather and more

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  1. This is what weather modification does …… eventually there will be a point of no return. Just because you can doesn't mean you should ?☠

  2. Direct weather as soon as I heard you say snow storms cutting through the Ohio valley I'm hoping Newark Ohio gets a big snow storm that brings me 7 inches of snow with a winter storm for the first time in six years I haven't got that much snow since February 15th 2016 during that strong El nino

  3. I live in Newark Ohio and I haven't gotten very much snow this winter yet again like last winter I've only gotten 6 inches of snow all winter and 6 years later I am still waiting for Newark Ohio at my house to get 7+ inches or more of snow with a winter storm hopefully I get something significant soon I'm tired of the mild temperatures I rather have a colder and snow filled winter hopefully El nino will transfer Ohio to a colder and snowier winter hopefully it'll be a cold winter for the next couple or more years since the last three years have been mild during winter

  4. Is East Coast rake New Jersey New York are we going to see a winter this year because it’s been in the 40s and 50s of December in Upton now

  5. Very good channel, If you could maybe do a drought update and your predictions of the effect of the recent rains and snow storms. Include California, Texas and Mississippi River. It's hard to predict but with your data it would be at least a very good educated guess.

  6. Let's be real, nearly every weather channel has been talking about and predicting bomb snowstorms, yet there's been literally nothing for many places, and quite literally nothing at all in the mid-Atlantic. It's just not happening with the warmth funneling into up the coastline like it has and seemingly continue to be doing.

  7. Yeah basically maybe we will get typical winter for a few days here in Wisconsin then probably turn mild again not seeing any sign of Arctic air at all anytime soon it’s bottled up so far north and seems kinda weak for the most part. Fine with me lol.

  8. not sure what going on, but i live in new jersey in country and this actually remineded me of a hallmark show i once saw. when i look at the skies at night its not as dark. could barley see the stars. not sure if something is going on where as it effects the weather. or maybe all these marajuana facilities affecting the climate.

  9. I guess it depends where You Live as far as this Current Storm being a bit of a Dud. They are still calling for upwards of 35cm (14") of snow in parts of Eastern Ontario and Quebec…

  10. Great reports. You should do like the weather guys do, and make some unusual shapes with that marker thing you got there. I love when the weather guys make a "certain" shape and dont even realize it, maybe until its too late. ?

  11. I Need Staying Power ? I Want Snow and I Want it Now. Whatever, Snow Season is about over ,I'm ready for Spring and Summer to come back again ,Beach and Surfing and Plenty Of Barbecuing.

  12. I move in silence with each step taken snow ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Falling around me like angels ??????????? in flight

  13. Well, it looks like as I thought. Virtually no snow of any significance for Jan. for the Northeast. Still NO blocking from the NAO. Rather typical of this La Nina winter. Only real chance of snow is not until Feb.
    In 2015 we really didn't get snow until late Jan. Then it was a month of 2 storms a week. The models strongly hinted at this & the NAO held the eastern trough in place for nearly a month. I don't see that this year. This is looking like the least snowy winter I've ever seen in my life. Those of us west of here in the higher elevations are really not behind in snowfall. It's just the constant thaws made it disappear in a few days. We'll see what happens later, but I'm likely to be disappointed. If we get clobbered during our Feb. cruise, I'll be doubly P'oed.

  14. THIS IS WHY I MOVED FROM PA TO SC!!! We MIGHT get 1/2 a inch once maybe 2WICE a year-if we do get it-they close everything for the day-LITERALLY!!


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