Extreme weather nationwide

Extreme weather nationwide 7

Parts of Kentucky and Missouri have been left inundated by flash floods. ABC’s Andrew Dymburt reports.


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  1. keep driving those stupid Polluting cars and you will see even worse weather in the future , humans dont understand how powerful the earth is over night it can wipe out entire civilizations dont yah forget about that

  2. With extreme weather, watch your local weather at the beginning and ending of your day. At night if expecting rain , ask someone to stay awake until the storm has passed. If flooding occurs you can help alert them to wake up and flee to higher ground. Too many people have perished from not watching their weather , to all have perished RIP and be a wake up call for the rest of us. Watch your weather daily, God Bless

  3. All the prophecies are being fulfilled at the same time, all around the globe: freakish floods never expected, record-breaking heatwaves across the planet, hail storms, waves as high as a 3-story building, worldwide hunger (1B w/food insecurities), hundreds of millions of people left homeless due to violence, wars, economy. We are witnessing the final hour of the [real end game].

    The majority of the world doesn't believe that the Bible is a book to be trusted. Yet, here we are now seeing in 4K daily every single prophecy spoken by Christ. The governments in every country are collapsing—every country. Since the day of your birth, no human leader has provided peace. The very first human leader, Nimrod, failed and each one thereafter. Real peace has never been achieved by humans because they were never created to govern themselves. (Jeremiah 10:23)

    Jehovah God has allowed the suffering because man didn't want him as our leader, and God gave us a few good human leaders but like all imperfect humans, they grow old and die. So there's never everlasting peace in the kingdom. But the ruler of this world will soon be removed. (John 12:31) Once the appointed King Christ selected by God, takes over the earth, we will see real peace.

    The world will soon end. A better world is near ? ? Will you be there? Pursue Peace.

  4. I was in Vegas when the thunderstorm hit (I live in the California Central Valley, I was on a road trip). It was crazy, I had never seen anything like it — and I had been to Vegas numerous times. It's supposed to be a desert, and the whole region is suffering the worst drought in 1,200 years, making this event all the more unexpected. I drove the Strip twice, fortunately I didn't get stuck. As much as I love it, flash floods are a real problem in that city.

  5. Where are the drains for these water monsoon ? also, let's deal with the summer before worrying about what kind of winter it is going to be. Stay safe and healthy….. Hart

  6. In karnataka state day by day fear of gujarat type communal clashes law and order is totally collapsed democracy in danger peoples are feared.please to impose the President rule in the state and to protect the peoples in karnataka state

  7. In karnataka state communal powers are Hacking and tracking Bank accounts and phone tapping and Internet system snooping and Pegasis system misused.FBI investigation is necessary please protect the peoples in karnataka state

  8. In india the communal powers are destroyed the democracy through Hijacking the elected representatives it is right time to Dissolve the loksabha and to Declare the fresh elections in India under the UNO and FBI observation is necessary please protect the democracy in india

  9. In india day by day fear of gujarat type communal clashes democracy in danger peoples are feared UNO intervention is necessary please protect the secularism in india and FBI investigation is necessary please protect the peoples in india

  10. Iam appeal to the Honble UN secretary general iam facing life threat from the communal powers please provide security to me through NATO military forces please protect me sir

  11. Honble UPA Chairperson Smt Soniagandhi madum please fight for to implement Ballot Paper voting system in next MP elections in 2024and to save democracy in india and public opinion in favour of Ballot Paper voting system and right to vote is fundamental right.public opinion is foundation of democracy

  12. No help for the red states for natural disasters but billions for California for fires that were preventable. This administration really hates a portion of this country so much they don't even try to hide it.

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