EXTREME Weather Montana Ranching – Sorry it’s sad.

Ranching in extreme weather is jus part of life in Montana Ranching. Montana has harsh winters, and sometimes they come earlier than you want. When that happens, things don’t always end up well.

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  1. Yes we start calving season here in mid February and sometimes it's a struggle with the damp and rainy weather with the just born .
    We have -10 here in February also

  2. I like the way you present things. It is the way it is. Not for the touchy feely folks but then real life isn't for them either. Fantasy is there way to deal with things. Thanks for the content it is real. I fished off shore in the gulf and things are strange off shore also. Getting to old for that type of life now, but interesting to see the completely different types of dangers and work. Keep the videos coming.

  3. I understand it’s hard to keep calves in the winter. As you said the calf was born at the wrong time. You and your father did the best you could. I don’t know how you can stand being outside in that cold weather. I’m cold just watching. Here I guess it’s been maybe a few degrees below zero. But that doesn’t happen very often. Stay safe and warm.

  4. "The best you can" is a falsehood. No disrespect to you or dad, it's a lesson I had to learn as well. "I did the best I could" is American nicey-nice language for, "I screwed up and need a way to absolve myself." It's part of this country's ever-progressing insulation from reality: just like all the people watching this vid who will never experience working in Montana's wind and cold. Years ago I took care of my mom, 6 strokes, and I heard over and over from relatives, nurses, doctors and siblings, "you're doing the best you can", but it was BS. And when I accepted that I grew as a person and a caretaker, and my efforts became far more effective: rigorous honesty with myself. People often realize they can do far more than they ever thought and this happens because they abandoned the notion of "the best you can."

  5. What you have accomplished is to pretty much portray what the “average” day for a ranching family is like. Many tough professions in this world and ranching is one of them. But take heart, when you are having a bad day, just remember back when square bales were the technology, everything was horseback, or when tractors had no cabs or worse, hitching a team for hauling loose hay. I’ve not seen a channel that better depicts when ranching gets “western.” Of course the good facets outweigh the bad or you wouldn’t do it. Those might make a good video as well. Your video does portray the American Dream …which is not an outcome, but an opportunity to have a fulfilling livelihood and make a living. Great channel.

  6. Never lost animals to cold, due to where I am, but I've lost sheep to both mistakes and things outside my control. Never fun, but something you have to deal with one way or the other

  7. Yes!! Always the water is freezing!! It’s cold ! I hail from sw mn and grew up on a farm/ranch . Sitting down to a hot home cooked meal after a day in the cold takes on a whole new meaning!! Calves born in the wrong season is hard on them and everyone. I appreciate you explaining how it really is!

  8. It cracks me up how they never show this side of Montana on Yellowstone ?. Guess it wouldn’t be as romantic as the mid-summer views.

  9. Thank you for sharing this very real circle of life moment. Your channel has been very eye opening for this born and bred suburban girl. Intellectually, I knew the job of a cattle rancher entailed long hours and hard work; but the level of sacrifice and dedication that goes into my beloved grass-fed steak is more than I ever comprehended. I am truly humbled. Bless you and your Dad and bless the animals, all.

  10. -9 in Montana during the winter is a different type of cold… People who haven't felt their nose hairs freeze when you breath just cannot imagine how deep the cold is it will penetrate everything and if you add the wind it's just a task doing everyday things hell you could be going to Walmart and your car breaking down in the country could turn into a life and death situation.

  11. I learned that body temperature is everything with Lambs.
    It has to be at 37°Celsius for them to really Start drinking. I dont know Nothing about calves, is there a chance that thats similar with calves?

  12. When i had calves in that situation, i found it easier to tube the milk into them for the first one or two feeds before trying them on the bottle. but certainly if the cold is right through them they can be very hard to bring back.

  13. I appreciate this video SO MUCH!!! Make me not feel so alone on my horse farm in Wisconsin. We're in the middle of a snow storm right now. It's good to see how others deal with similar struggles. I lost a colt early last spring, similar situation, born too early. That's the way it goes sometimes. I just found your channel today! Going to look for more videos from you! Thanks!

  14. I'm a little south of y'all in Gillette Wyoming. But It has been COLD! Why do we all have cracked windshields in our trucks??

  15. We say that our old farmhouse outside of Belt is in the "blast zone!" But warm breeze or bitter cold, we have to take care of the animals. Thanks for showing the reality of life on the northern plains!

  16. I think what your doing is amazing! I just recently inherited 300 acres,150+ cattle, and 6 commercial chicken houses.I’m 32 and a female trying to do it and figure everything out on my own. You’re an inspiration!

  17. Not the ending I was anticipating. However, life is NOT a bed of roses. Do the best with what you have where you’re at. This is a reality check for everyone. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I could feel that cold wind as you were running. There is no way to stay warm. The work needs to be done so you just plow through the day. Hopefully the livestock will be ok. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for posting.

  19. Sorry about the little calf dying. The reality of ranching was shown to your audience. I can see that you treat your animals very well.

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