Extreme Weather Moments of 2023 | Start of End Days ?

There’s news about natural disasters every day. Here’s what happened in 2023, the world experienced a barrage of extreme and devastating weather moments that tested communities across the globe. From catastrophic earthquakes in Turkey, to severe flooding in China, to the dual threat of wildfires and hurricanes striking Hawaii, no region was spared nature’s fury. This video recounts the harrowing tales of destruction and resilience that defined the year, exploring the most dramatic weather events in Turkey, China, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico and more. Relive the sheer power of these record-breaking disasters, as we analyze the violent storms, floods, fires and quakes that dominated 2023’s climate chaos.. Stay tuned for updates about severe weather. The Earth’s suffering will help purify humanity. Every day, we witness the power of nature. Natural Disasters are happening right now around the world, and we’re on the edge of global warming. In the world in a day about harsh mother nature. Disasters are here and now. Climate change and Global warming is just around the corner.

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  1. God is in charge, Jesus Christ is our Savior. Time to Repent. First the Atheist countries are DOOMED, then Babylon will Fall, and the Protestant countries. Its all in the Scriptures. But people now a days liked to be Informed by Netflix

  2. Thank you for putting this fantastic video together and capturing the amazing photography and the side panels enhancing the photos! Am deeply sorry for everyone's lost that they experienced in 2023. May God bless everyone in the coming year!!🙏

  3. God is trying to wake this world up. This is not CC it's a shadow of what's to come.
    Repent and accept Jesus' birth, death and resurrection.
    John 3 :16
    1 Corinthians 15; 1-4
    John 14:6❤

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