Extreme WEATHER Moments Caught On Camera

Extreme WEATHER Moments Caught On Camera

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  1. I am not denying or am I agreeing that Ian strength had anything to do with climate change. I'm a insurance adjuster who has seen and studied storms and flooding a lot. I was on the ground after Ian, Mathew, Ida, Sandy, Harvey, Irene ect so I have first hand knowledge on the destruction these storms produce. If you do your research these kind of storms have been causing this kind of damage for as long as people kept records and many were more destructive then the ones I've mentioned. What I can tell you is the local rain water floods non-hurricane related have more to with people building new subdivisions, malls and everything else by filling in wetlands, diverting runoff's and canal system so they can build a new hotel or a parking lot without considering what an extra foot of water here and there will cause when all this water meets up down stream in the river that all the sudden now has an extra 3 feet in it. Then the river and canals on the east side of town has the same problem. Then they both meet and lo and behold. Now you have a an extra 6 feet and a storm is coming with a possible 12" to 24" inches of rain. This is how these areas that were only supposed to flood once every 100 years " FEMA calls this a 100 year Floodplain" are now flooding every few years. We've cut down to much and overbuilt where we probably shouldn't have.

  2. 1900 to 1950 (44 hurricanes hit Florida) from 1951 to 2000 (23 hurricanes hit Florida). They would need 7 more hurricanes to hit before 2025 to get as many hurricanes in 75 years what they had in 50 years at the beginning of the last century.
    This is just what hit Florida the state with the most hurricanes.

    1900-25 (20 hurricanes)
    1926-50 (24 hurricanes)
    1951 – 75 (13 hurricanes)
    1976 – 00 (10 hurricanes)
    2001-22 (14 hurricanes)

  3. If Ian had hit a hundred years ago there were only 500 thousand people in Florida, today 22.5 million hand built along the shore so the rest of the nation gets to help pay for them to continue to live there. It is insane to keep building along the shore in all states.

  4. What rising sea levels? In the past 100 years sea levels have risen by 6 inches. They are projected to rise by 6 inches over the next 100 years. So where exactly is the change when the rate of sea level rise is exactly the same as it has been for the past 100 years? FYI that 6 inches is directly from the insurance companies and if sea level was doing anything even close to what they claim it is doing, then insurance companies would not offer insurance coverage to people living in those areas. That is how you can tell it is complete BS. Banks still lend money and insurance companies still offer insurance for houses and businesses built right on or near the ocean!

  5. Beats me why ppl plant palm trees, they don't provide shade, their fronds are hard to recycle, their fruit attract bats which are a health hazard by themselves, and their root system upheaves footpaths

  6. It makes me sick when they talk about rising sea levels. I study satellite photos from as far back as we have had satellites taking photos of our earth (50 to 55 years), and the ocean height has remained the same.

  7. 1:20 EMS: "if you choose not to evacuate, use a sharpy to mark your social security number on your arm so we'll be able to i.d. the body". yup. many stayed–some died.

  8. I visited Sanibel Island all the time and I never notice much of a sea level rise and I've been going there for a long time. I think climate change assholes like to claim that shit all the time. It's almost like blaming the people who live there for what happened to them. Keep that shit to yourself cunts

  9. Most of the people dont know the location of Turkey on world globe. The ones know about it, mostly because they had a vacation in south part and they remember sandy beaches and arid climate. But up to north, there is the black sea region with dense forrests, tea gardens and most unforgiving face of nature with land slides and floods. In east, high mountain ranges with great wildlife, you can ski while people enjoying their sunbath and mojitos in south region at the same day.

  10. I see you just had to make this political. If the hurricane had hit 100 years ago, it wouldn’t have been as bad. Of course it wouldn’t have been, look at the added number of people living there. Also, there is no such thing as man made climate change. In the 1400’s there was a Little Ice Age, how did man cause that?

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