Extreme Weather… Massive Storm, Tornadoes, Flooding, Heavy Snowfall

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In Today’s video we’re going to talk about the Upcoming Extreme Severe Weather coming tomorrow, this will likely result in a Major Tornado Outbreak.

Some snowfall is also possible for multiple regions.

This upcoming Extreme Weather is going to bring a massive storm through the central and northern regions of the country.

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  1. God answers all prayers for miracles so always ask for one every single time you pray at the end of The Lords Prayer say Lords JESUS I need a miracle please please ? Ask for whatever you want and say I make this prayer in the name of JESUS amen.

  2. Thank you for posting take care and stay safe and keep up the great work. To find God alive on earth at the end of The Lords Prayer say I baptise myself in the name of JESUS and I make this prayer in the name of JESUS amen stand and knell again and at the end of The Lords Prayer say Lord JESUS I need a miracle please please have my angels lead me to find God alive on earth right now I make this prayer in the name of JESUS amen. It can take 24 to 48 hour for your angels to tell you so believe and pray once a day until you are told JESUS loves you for your great works to help others be saved.God bless you and your family and friends peace be with you all. At the end of The Lords Prayer say Lord JESUS I need a miracle please please put a good man in front of me that will pray with me and help me raise a family filled with love and happiness for ever more I make this prayer in the name of JESUS amen.

  3. 12:23 notice those discrete supercells in far north west Mississippi. The radar is a a scatter plot like in math. Basically you have your best fit line with the clusters of storms extending through yet east Mississippi, but look for those outliers in northwest Mississippi. Those ones look discrete and powerful.

  4. 14:55. Wow notice those discrete individual supercells in central Tennessee around the 5-6 pm time frame. So pronounced. Those might be the most dangerous storms of the outbreak.

  5. It looks like you guys should bulk up on the lemon and honey tea tomorrow. You're going to need to keep your voices strong. Prayers going out for all the folks in the path of these probable terrible storms. God's blessings on everybody. Be safe!

  6. and this is just the beginning
    just wait till april and may for the eastern dixie alley, ohio valley and the great plains possibility

  7. The fact that I’m hearing every supercell that gets going tomorrow will be tornadic makes me even more nervous than last week so I definitely think a high risk will get issued

  8. I believe that there could be another high risk issued for this Thursday. The reason why I think that is because the set up looks exactly the same as last time. The only big difference that I noticed is that the risk area as a whole is much bigger. The risk area last week had a marginal risk all the way up to the toe of Indiana. This week the marginal risk has reached up to the Indianapolis DMA. I also believe that Central and Southern Indiana might actually get in on some of the severe weather including the tornado activity.

  9. Because this scenario has more particulars that are worse than the last one, I think that at least one area will go high risk.

  10. Our area near Dallas was upgraded from marginal to enhanced pretty quickly for today's outlook. I wouldn't be surprised to see a high for Day 2 in MS and AL. Hoping everyone stays safe ♡ Thank you for keeping everyone informed!

  11. I look forward to seeing your videos and channel. You’re probably more accurate than the local stations. Your work is very appreciated. I recommend this channel to all.

  12. it's definitely going high tomorrow. looks way worse than the last tornado outbreak unfortunately and a lot more widespread all the way into tennessee.




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