Extreme Weather Leads To Weekend Travel Chaos

Another 4,000 flights delays and cancellations were recorded just today, piling onto the more than 10,000 disruptions yesterday. New Hampshire was hit with a fast-moving storm damaging homes, while historic rainfalls in Death Valley, California, stranded a thousand people in the park. Overnight, lightning struck a fuel storage tank in Cuba, causing a massive fire to explode and spread to a second tank. Nearly 80 people were hospitalized in that incident. This comes as Kentucky, still reeling from last week’s devastating floods, gets hit again with another two to three inches of rain. To top it off, 73 million Americans are under heat alerts, with Omaha, Tampa, and El Paso bracing for record-breaking temperatures.
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  1. My flight was delayed for 3 hours and I had to wait until 11 pm to go to las vegas! I was stranded at Newark airport due to severe thunderstorm! This happened on August 5th 2022! It was on a united airlines flight

  2. What part of bad weather conditions does the woman not understand? Send her to Kentucky, or the fires, maybe she will see why the cancellation was necessary.

  3. Weather couldn't be better here in Seal Beach California mid 70 and 80 degrees coconut oil waffing through the sea breeze off the skin of bathing beauty's wearing little to nothing life is good

  4. A diminishing molecular Oxygen atmosphere is allowing more uv energy to reach the Earth's surface where it becomes light and then heat.

  5. People the stuff Al Gore was talking about in the 90s is coming true. The only thing he said wrong doing his statement about future weather is the timing……it seems like these events are occurring a little sooner than expected. People we are in trouble “WE” As in Earth.

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  7. CLIMATE EMERGENCY is HERE and some customers complain about delayed flights. Do you not make the connection between our collective consumer behaviours and green house gas emissions? Mother Nature brings the message to all our homes and yet there appear to be a disconnect still?

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  11. One American Dream commonly shared in popular songs coming true in many parts of America : SUNSHINE AND NO RAIN. Does it feel that wonderful?

  12. I'm from South Eastern NC. Temperatures in the 90s and 100s are normal here. No one is really being affected by it. Except maybe sea turtles.

  13. meanwhile, the high temperatures in gulf arab countries keep going high ( that reaches 122 or more in some regions), as usual for hundred years, and no cancelled flights, nothing has changed in their lives…..

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  16. that lady can't understand how this is okay? it's called climate change. it's real and we are suffering the consequences of it because we didn't do anything about it, yesterday. You can't fly a plane where it can't land. Stay home if it's too much for you to handle.

  17. I am so glad that the oil companies will get to cause more damage. My only hope at this point, the lousy pukes get stuck here with us in the end.

  18. Every Republican is responsible for this. They consistently voted against policies to combat climate change for over 50 years! Vote them out of office now!

  19. 'I don't understand how this is ok'… really? You think the injustice here is the halt of your travel plans? Literally case and point, the reason our planet is deteriorating. Self obsessed, diluted human trash bags.

  20. Why is she surprised? Why do people continue to clog airports? 1/3 probably terrified global warming will put Floriduh beaches under water! So let’s dump tons of carbon dioxide into the air while we can!