Extreme Weather in Toronto 2022

There was an Extreme Weather warning, but we decided that work is important and we have to go….. Well, I will say that: Next time I will listen 🙂
Some say this was the heaviest snowfall in Toronto since 1978.
Come spend the day with me stuck on the highway 🙂


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  1. What a horrible highway omg ?. I was stuck in my house for two days. It was freaking out and crazy ? but I was better than you cuz I could use washroom anyway. Thanks for sharing your video.

  2. My parents live in Ancaster and got close to 40cm. I looked at the radar and Windsor Ontario was getting it and I live in Chelsea MI about 40 miles west of Windsor and we got absolutely no snow. It went around us to the south and hammered you guys!
    Glad you made it home safely!

  3. You're lucky you didn't have to go through the blizzard of 78. After the 3 days of pure whiteout conditions we were able to go outside. There were drifts 8 to 10 feet high all over northern Indiana. It was incredible. I could walk up onto my uncle's house. Drift behind his home were as high as the race on the roof.

  4. I had a medical appointment at Women's College Hospital yesterday at 10am. I left home in Barrie at 7:45. At 9:10 I was just south of Highway 7 when the appointment was cancelled. Off at Finch, north on Weston to 7, and back across to the 400, then home. I was back in Barrie shortly after 11. I had no problem plowing through what ever was on the ground. I was not driving an all wheel drive, nor even front wheel drive. Yesterday marked 32 years my old car has been in the family. In all those winters and over 600,000 kilometers, the old Volvo 240 has been a trouper. Arthur has never been stuck, and just keeps going and going.

  5. We got a Winter storm too today in Manitoba…less severe but schools are closed ( we live in rural so boys are staying home )…take care and hope you get HOME!! We are only getting 10 – 15 Cm of snow…luckily…but high winds are forecast up to 80 cm gusts… Good Luck

  6. We very rarely get these sort of snowfalls here in the UK. But I have as nasty feeling that when it's finished with you over there, it's going to pop across the pond and give us a bit of grief here.. Typical of the UK, we are totally underequipped to deal with it.. Batten down the hatches !

  7. I visited Toronto several times in the 1980's on business – the company always seemed to send me in winter. Snow never seemed to stop the city with good clearance systems and everyone wearing snow tyres on their vehicles. What has changed ? That snow does not even look deep ? Flying out was always interesting with a rapid de-ice followed by a fast taxi to a freshly ploughed runway. Ignorance was bliss ! Stay safe and keep warm Elin.

  8. Bummer, good ole winter, hasn't changed in my 60 years. Here in MI. we have had the usual extreme cold but lucky no "Alberta Clippers" so far this year. I just hope it doesn't last till May like last year. Wish you well.

  9. I worked in Brampton, Ontario during the winter of '92 IIRC. Not a lot of snow, but I remember it getting down to -62F with the wind chill factor. The "People Shredders" (turnstile gates) at the Chrysler plant froze up and we couldn't leave.

    That didn't stop the Canadians. They hopped the fence, with security yelling at them over the PA that they wouldn't be allowed back in, and they were out of there. I believe that it was a hockey night…

  10. All that snow (and especially the snow piles created by the plows in the parking lots) reminds me of Colorado, and why I don't live in Colorado anymore.

    For those who aren't fortunate enough to have AWD or 4WD, here's a trick that's got me out of more than one tight spot. For front wheel drive cars, let about half of the air out of your tires and drive around on them until you get to either a clear road, or to where you are heading. And then pump the tires back up. Almost as good as wearing chains (and a heck of a lot easier to deal with than chains). BTW, I've never tried this with a real wheel drive car.

    Once you get to a clear road, use the air compressor that you had the foresight to bring with you to pump the tires back up. Along with the compressor, be sure to replace the fuse for the cigarette lighter with a circuit breaker beforehand.

    Be advised that you can ruin your tires this way. And you can go too far and bust the bead off of the rim. Either way, I won't be purchasing a new set of tires for you. But if the alternative is freezing to death…

    It got us off of Land's End road in Colorado in the winter. When my son and I got back to my parents house, I told them where we had been, and that we had to get ourselves unstuck. My mother was pretty upset and asked "What kind of an idiot are you?" My response was, "Well, genetically speaking…" 🙂

    It also got me through the the great ice storm of '96 in Alabama. I-65 was shutdown for a couple of days after that one (I made it to Tennessee on Hwy 31. Basically a 100 mile long sheet of ice). As ice storms in Alabama goes, they've had worse (11 inches of ice in '85).

    Land's End road:

  11. Do you not check the news and weather forecast before leaving home??? A nightmare and extra work for the police, snow ploughers, and other first responders! People should use simple common sense instead of posting video for 18 mins. It's Canada, it's Winter, prepare for it… lesson for next time!!!

  12. How do stay so cheerful? Most people would have been pretty fed up with that day! Good for you. Glad you got home safe and sound.

  13. Sorry for your fate! I have been stuck, a few times here in Kentucky, also in Washington state, Oregon, and once in Wyoming, I was trapped for 3 days! Fortunately, I made it to Rock Springs WY, and was able to get a hotel room, for double their normal rate! We received about 5 or 6 inches of snow here, Sunday. I love looking at the snow, when I have nowhere to go, but other than that, I hate it!

  14. I suggest you take the time with the family and enjoy the winter wonderland! What the heck, go out with the family into the yard and build a SNOWMANchanic and send him into your workplace! lol

  15. Elin, you are welcome to keep the snow and cold. The entire week here in Perth, Western Australia. it is from 39 deg C>41. I'm out in the shed working on the race car lol

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