Extreme Weather Hits China With Massive Floods | Flood in China 2022

Extreme Weather Hits China With Massive Floods | Flood in China 2022 7

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China is grappling with extreme weather emergencies across the country, with the worst flooding in decades submerging houses and cars in the south and record-high heat waves in the northern and central provinces causing roads to buckle.
Water levels in more than a hundred rivers across the country have surged beyond flood warning levels, according to the People’s Daily, the ruling Communist Party’s mouthpiece. The authorities in Guangdong Province on Tuesday raised alerts to the highest level after days of rainfall and floods, closing schools, businesses and public transport in affected areas.
The flooding has disrupted the lives of almost half a million people in southern China. Footage on state media showed rescue crews on boats paddling across waterlogged roads to relieve trapped residents. In Shaoguan, a manufacturing hub, factories were ordered to halt production, as water levels have reached a 50-year high, state television reported.

Guangdong’s emergency management department said that the rainfall has affected 479,600 people, ruined nearly 30 hectares of crops and caused the collapse of more than 1,700 houses, with financial losses totaling $261 million,
China has been grappling with summertime floods for centuries but floods this year have also coincided with heat waves that struck the northern part of the country.

The floods and heat waves in China this year have stretched on for days and weeks, as they did last year when weeks of floods killed hundreds of people, caused power outages and displaced millions in central and southwestern China, including in Zhengzhou, where floodwaters trapped commuters in subways.

China has converted farmlands to cities in past decades, lifting millions of people in rural areas out of poverty. But in its pursuit of economic development, it has also become the world’s largest polluter, with greenhouse gas emissions exceeding those of all developed nations combined.
Last summer, Henan’s provincial capital of Zhengzhou experienced record rainfall that paralysed the city with floods that killed more than 300 people.
the average rainfall in Guangdong, Fujian and Guangxi provinces between early May and the middle of June reached 621 millimetres – the highest since 1961. The summer rainy season regularly results in flooding in southern China.

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