Extreme Weather Grade 6 Unit 3 – Concept 2 – Lesson 4 Science

Extreme Weather Grade 6 Unit 3 - Concept 2 - Lesson 4 Science 7

شرح ساينس الصف السادس الابتدائي لغات – الفصل الدراسي الثاني
شرح ساينس سادسة ابتدائي – ترم ثاني

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In This Lesson:
Extreme Weather: Floods and Sandstorms The effect of too much or too little precipitation:
• The too much or too little rain can change ecosystems and may cause:
– Damaging of buildings and agricultural systems.
– Injuries and deaths.
– The occurrence of extreme weather phenomena such as drought and flood.

It is the shortage of water that is available for drinking, growing crops, farming animals and industry.

• Drought occurs when an area is affected by dry weather for a long period of time due to the extreme hot temperatures , where there is not enough water for people, planets and animals.

It is the increase in the flow of water over the edges of riverbank and onto the land around the river.

• Floods occur due to :
– The increase in the rate of the rainfall that happens every two years causes the river
water flows over the edges of the riverbank and onto the land around the river.
– The sudden melting of snow and ice over a region.

Harms of floods:
• Damaging of buildings by moving or breaking them.
• Death of people and animals.
• Harming of economy.
► Advantage of floods:
• Some ecosystems depend on periodic floods such as ecosystems along the Nile.

• Sandstorm is called “dust storm”.
• Sandstorm occurs when very strong winds blow up sand or dust or both of them from
a dry area such as deserts.
• We can easily see sandstorms as they extend for several kilometers long and its height may
reach hundreds of meters.

Harms of sandstorms:
• Dust reduces the visibility during driving cars.
• Dust accumulates on solar panels, so they stop generating energy.
• Dust fills up irrigation canals, so the water quality decreases.
• Dust damages the plane engines.
• Dust harms the human eyes and respiratory system.

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