Extreme weather, frigid temperatures threaten millions

More than 100 million Americans were under wind chill alerts on Monday. Heavy snow also swept across much of the U.S. Omar Villafranca reports.

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  1. "Temperatures threaten MILLIONS"?! What happened to the CBS "global warming" PROPAGANDA- GAS LIGHTING?! More have DIED in the past WEEK from the COLD, than died from HEAT in ALL of 2023! Numbers dont LIE…unlike CBS.

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  3. If anyone has frozen pipes and a toilet that hasn't been flushed in a couple days, you're not alone in dealing with a crappy situation. We'll get threw this, until then keep your chin up and your toilet seat down.

  4. America….the greatest, and most powerful, wealthiest nation on the face of the planet, but "Millions" of people are threatened by frigid tempertures? They better choose the right guy for office the next time around, huh CBS?

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