EXTREME WEATHER EVENT‼️ / Chile Volcano Awakens / Backside C.M.E. / Puerto Rico Earthquakes‼️

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EXTREME WEATHER EVENT‼️ / Chile Volcano Awakens / Backside C.M.E. / Puerto Rico Earthquakes‼️
January 23 2023 #extremeweather #puyehue #chile #volcano #puertorico #earthquakes

5 Day not so normal World Weather forecast. Plus a look at #spaceweather for today.
Earthquakes for today. Latest on Volcanic Activity.
Severe weather events, Satellite imagery, and Solar diagrams studied daily.
From this channel we are able share the research and knowledge With everyone worldwide.
Come together now and GROW, Learn, and LOVE! Stay Young and Have Fun!
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The Morning D.E.W. Store—————————

First of all accredited research by faculty and students of the University of Wisconsin.

Earthquake 3D imagery

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  1. Going to be some flares this week earth directed and a sizeable earthquake but so long a you keep your hat on and eyes closed you might get an ace @D.E.W

  2. I couldn't believe what I seen this morning, a channel claiming the earth's core has stopped lol, they'd definitely notice the ramifications of such an event. That would be equivalent as the pole shift I think they'd notice Mike's tall water heading right for them lol, I better stick to only channels like this that shows the truth

  3. I like how you go through it matteroffactly, cool, am looking for a view of active volcanoes mapped like the one for earthquakes, the world circle with the spikes marking them and the spike showing height of explosion if any, and wind directions of fumes and length of time it will last in the atmosphere, how far it will travel and if I need a gas mask all the time soon

  4. The EMI's really mess with my balance and depth perception. I have Menier's Disease and braces on my left knee and wrist, so I'm not real graceful at best ! LOL I also notice my moods are a lot more on edge during these periods. I also believe that all the pressure that's being caused and reflected by the deep earthquakes have got to release somewhere. I pray that we all stay aware and prepared…thank you for your selfless dedication to getting us factual information so we can make our families and homesteads safe…God Bless !

  5. Thanks for the update, Mike !!! The sun is really popping, lol. Thanks for all you DEW, Mike ! We've been cold, real cold, all week, supposed to have even more snow this weekend. Alta Ski Resort has currently a base of 141" of snow, or 358.14 cm of snow, which is quite a bit for the 1st 3rd of the season! It's great, we need it. #DEWCREW



Morning Walk 01.21.2018.04

Tourist taking a selfie in front of the living lava lake in the crater of erta ale volcano, Afar region, Erta ale, Ethiopia