Extreme weather derails World Scout Jamboree in South Korea

Extreme weather derails World Scout Jamboree in South Korea 7

Thousands of young scouts attending the World Scout Jamboree in South Korea are being evacuated due to extreme heat and a looming typhoon threat. NBC’s Janis Mackey Frayer reports for TODAY.

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  1. I wish people would report the news more accurately and in a more balanced fashion. I read about this while I was in Europe last week

    Then when I landed in Korea this morning I met some of tbe British Scouts (30 of them) as they were leaving, they a said they had an awesome time and the heat wasn't such a problem.

    Peole should stop posting in accurate news. I also think it is time that Korea start talking more positively about itself as a nation and stop putting it down compared to other countries.

    Korea it is your country, it is up to Koreans what they do with it and that determines how good or bad the country is going to be nothing else ❤

  2. What Angers Me is the Organizing Commitee Misuse the Event Budget for Vacation Abroad (( also too focused on fancy Kpop concert ))
    Jamboree event

    Jamboree event supposedly a fun event not the traumatizing one

  3. Whats the reason for joining the scouting if you will just complain about things.Scouting is an organization meant to teach children survival things and responsibellity how would they learn if they pamper them.

  4. This is not the result of South Korea. This is the result of South Korea's Ministry of Gender Equality. They become lawmakers just because they are women, regardless of their abilities. No one in South Korea washes in a tented sourcing ground. They also asked children under the age of 14 to go to Jamboree. South Korea's Ministry of Gender Equality is not qualified.

  5. I'm so sorry about this situation. I'm korean but I'm too ashamed to be a Korean this time. once again sorry for everyone who is suffer from jamboree.

  6. You must have been looking forward to it. I'm sorry. Currently, in Korea, the director of the Jamboree Festival is also severely criticized by the public, and I apologize as a Korean citizen to all the Jamboree members who have taken precious time to come here.

  7. Experiencing harsh environments such as extreme heat, unsanitary conditions, and food shortages was a good opportunity for teens to learn about world poverty.

  8. Because of this Korea might lose the 2030 Expo bid. Heads need to roll in Korea or the bid is completely lost. The Korean government is under the international spotlight now.

  9. I am Korean. First of all, I didn't know our government was this incompetent
    All our people are complaining to the Government because they are ashamed and sorry for you. I have nothing to say, but I'm sorry again..?

  10. Ningún coreano debe sentirse avergonzado de lo que ha pasado en jamboree porque no depende ni ustedes ni el presidente y el resto del gobierno actuales que haya habido un tifón. El calor es el mismo en el hemisferio norte por esta época. Hace 4 años se hizo en los Estados Unidos por la misma época. Nadie hablo del calor. Nosotros, sudamericanos sabenos que hay que cuidarse del o te si calor. Los britanicos deberian saberlo por su larga tradicion de vivir en otros paises por siglos. Los estadounidenses tambien. Ahota no recuerdan wue existe mosauitos, que hay hueacanes cono Kateina y que en Viernam tambien hace calor en la selva. Admito al pueblo coreano que ha sido capaz de organizar una evacuacion preventiva de mas de 40.000 personas en tie.po record en lugar de atender un desastre fatal por no prevenir. No es justk avergonzarse porque lo que vivinos es culpa de todos por nuestro comportamiento irresponsable con el planeta, el único higar que tenemos en el universo.

  11. Pemerintahan mu sangat memalukan & mengecewakan…
    Kami datang jauh-jauh untuk mengikuti acara jomboree dunia di Korea Selatan malah kami merasa seperti di penampungan korban perang…. fasilitas tidak layak, kamar mandi tidak layak, fasilitas tempat tidur tergenang air, pemerintahan korea selatan tidak menyediakan air dingin saat cuaca panas, ac & kipas angin hanya untuk staf penyegara, pemerintahan yang super brobrok tidak bisa membaca perkiraan cuara di daerahnya, harga makanan di supermaket GS25 2-3X lipat mahalnya, klinik minim dokter & perawat, banyak korban meninggal dunia akibat pemerintahan & penyegaraan jomboree dunia LEBIH MEMENTINGKAN KORUPSI BERJAMAAH KETIMBANG MENGHARUMKAN NAMA NEGARANYA DI MATA WARGA DUNIA ?????????
    lebih baik tahun yang akan datang negara korea selatan anda tidak usah ikut serta dalam acara jomboree dunia lagi bikin sakit hati, kecewa, benci, marah,
    5-9 Agustus 2023

  12. As a Korean, I deeply apologize for the incompetence of the organizing committee and the government.

    Instead of living up to the event's theme, 'Draw Your Dream,' this Jamboree has become a nightmare for many participants and their families. It is unacceptable that the dreams and expectations of these young scouts have been shattered by the negligence of those in charge.

    I'm also furious that, the president's party, trying to shift blame onto the previous president in an attempt to shield the current administration from responsibility. They're continuously blaming the previous president and the opposition to protect the president and the officials involved. It's frustrating. I want to assure you that this is not the sentiment of all of us in this country. Everyone is deeply ashamed about this.

    My country is competing to win the bid for the 2030 Worldwide Expo in Busan, but because of this, we can say goodbye to any hope of winning. it is highly unlikely that my country will be seen as a reliable and responsible host for future events.

    Once again, I offer my sincere apologies to all the participants and parents who have had to endure this unfortunate situation. You entrusted your children's safety and well-being to our country, and we have let you down in the most disheartening manner. This should have never happened, and it breaks my heart to see the pain and suffering of everyone. I'm extremely sorry for all the involved.

  13. As a Korean, I am very sorry about the Jamboree situation in Korea. Our government has been very corrupt for years. If Koreans could have private guns, many politicians would have died, and the country's population would have been halved due to the civil war. I think the legalization of personal firearms in Korea is positive. Once again, I'm sorry.

  14. 저는 남한에 살고 있는 사람입니다.정말 저희 나라가 이렇게 실망스러운 모습을 보일 줄은 몰랐습니다.대신 사과하겠습니다.

    I'm a person who lives in South Korea.I didn't know that our country would be so disappointed.I apologize for that.

  15. hello. welcome to korea.. um.. as a Korean….. I'm so sorry. The hosting company is at fault. All Koreans are sorry for the Jamboree crew….? I hope you don't have any bad memories in Korea. and I hope you can get a refund

  16. scouting is not glamping. 34c and dirty toilets should be manageable for a real scout. sadly soft scouts from us and uk arbitrarily left the site. the other 155 countries stayed and displayed the scouting spirit.

  17. 부끄러운 나라, 멀리 와도 냄새나고 흙탕물만 나고, 선진국인데도 화장실 엄청 더럽고 방글라데시 국가시설처럼 더럽게 성희롱도 있고, 미사일, 미사일, 미사일자금 때문에 아주 뜨겁고 부패한 나라 방글라데시와 같은 아시아 시설에 대한 혼란스러운 굴욕입니다. 준비가 안된 이 나라를 원목으로 때리고 싶다 다음 100년 방문 국가 만들기 미사일이 손상됨???

  18. Not only extreme weather but sanitary issues health hazard..the South Korean culture minister should go or an investigation should be done what an embarrassment they knew this situation was unsafe for the kids but let this happened

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