Extreme Weather Creates Dakar Chaos ⛈️

Extreme Weather Creates Dakar Chaos ⛈️ 7

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The third stage of the 2023 Dakar Rally was a dramatic one. An extreme weather event caused local flooding and absolute chaos for the competitors.

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  1. millions of people struggling in Africa and these jokers struggling to haul millions of dollars of dune buggy out of the Dakar sand. Unreal.

  2. Many deep, deep levels of stupid going on here…those ground and driver crews have zero idea of how to deal with this otherwise simple situation, even with all the gear and horse power. Wow.

  3. Climate change isn't real or created by humans! This is a single weather event and doesn't mean anything. None of the other extreme world weather events that are happening more often mean anything either!! Stupid liberals!! /s

  4. The guy in the Iveco must've felt like Conan, first pulling the poor guys in the buggy out, then flipping off the river like a badass 😀

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