“Extreme Weather conditions to trigger Enormous Financial CrisisHeed Laudato Si.” Remnant Seed & Crown of 12 Stars

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Specialists: “Extreme Weather to trigger Substantial Financial Disaster Heed Laudato Si.” David & Sally Contracted Dreaded Virus. God’s Remnant Seed & Crown of 12 Stars


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  1. Experts: “Extreme Weather to cause Massive Economic Crisis; Heed Laudato Si.” David & Sally Contract Coronavirus. God's Remnant Seed & Crown of 12 Stars

  2. Brothers and sisters please just don't watch these power! Surge without sharing, share, share, with family members, co workers, friends, enemies, children, spouse and anyone you can share with, our probation is almost close we are nearing home. Pray for me as I pray for you we all need prayers, besides more prayer more power! Time is running out, thank God for His servant pastor Henriques, pray for him too that, God may continue to keep him and his family faithful unto the end, and that he may continue to preach the truth with boldness. To God be the Glory!

  3. I can see that we are nearing home yet God people are asleep as if it is business as usual. The pulpit is as cold as ice.yet the man of sin is on fire to accomplish is hellish deeds

  4. 19:10 God's last day people and remnant people are in Revelation 14. It is right there. Those are the ones who are sealed with the truth of who God is and know their God.

  5. The true remnant people know their God. This is the foundation for them being the remnant and from there their doctrinal beliefs, including the commandments. The 144,.000, the remnant, are sealed by God, and it is definitely not the Sabbath. They are sealed by the name of the Father, the God of the bible Himself. The 144,000 starts in the 6th church, the beginning of the SDA church when they truly knew the only true God and His Son. Today's SDA worship a pagan god, called the trinity, that this same channel promotes.
    Why is it that the 144,000 start to be sealed when the SDA church, non trinitarian, started and then another church era, the Laodicea, is now the representation of the current SDA church?
    What is the great controversy that started from heaven and is carried on here today? Satan refused to acknowledge Jesus as the SON of God. Today, through the trinity doctrine, the majority of Christians reject the idea that Jesus is the Son of God.
    To be in the remnant, you must know God and His Son. Do not believe in the counterfeit of Satan, the trinity. God is not a trinity, no matter what your definition is.
    Stop giving lies and false doctrines when you profess and worship a trinity or Godhead, another version of the same lie.

    Time is coming to an end soon. I do not want to be strong, but you show that you are still confused on the first thing that one must know as part of the remnant people. You read Patriarchs and Prophets but yet deny it with your understanding of God. The first deception in heaven was the same as it is now and that is that Jesus is not the Son of God, something that you yourself believe and have preached, that is Jesus is not the Son of God.

    Sorry, but I need you to wake up.



#Sunrise Awaken to the consciousness of what is. Acceptance of it & to enjoy the space you occupy. Breathe, see the beauty within & what surrounds you. Its not right nor is it wrong. It is what it is, its not what you do, its more so how you do it

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