Extreme Weather conditions Outbreak, Tornadoes, Colder West, & Substantial Scale Event Subsequent Week! POW Weather conditions Channel

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Many thanks so a great deal for viewing. Be sure to like this movie and go away your responses underneath. In this update, I chat about a serious climate outbreak & Tornadoes. Colder West & Large scale function upcoming 7 days.

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  1. The records we have are only 100 years. This is a drop in a very full bucket over the span of time. We are in a solar minimum and it is spring. Most of the last 100 years, we were in a solar maximum. Spring in the Midwest is always rocky and bumpy. Transition seasons are spring and fall.

  2. Love your Chanel! Could u please give dates more! I’m always confused when. Would it be possible to have a date typed caption on the screen whistle u are talking? Even if it’s dated for more then one day!

  3. damn this might be a mega superoutbreak i wont be surprised if we have a high risk on april 27th for classic tornado alley with 2 large areas of moderate risk days for the ohio valley and the south east with numerous tornadoes

  4. Wavy jet streams come with low solar sun spot activity, as we move into a more active sunspot cycle the next few years we should see a more directional jet stream. We will need to see how strong this uptick is, nasa and some scientists believe we are going into a grand solar minimum . Only time will tell if they are correct or not.

  5. Thank you so much for the update on the forecast for Friday for here Texas. We've got things ready ahead of time since you told us earlier. Next week the 27th & 28th we are in for more hail or tornado's or both? Thank you so much for all you do to keep us aware, updated, prepared and safe before and after the storms, Roy! You're the best weather forecaster I've ever seen in my life thus far. We Appreciate You and your amazing gifts. With Love and Gratitude, Shari Stailey-Floyd♥

  6. This extremely unstable period (2015-2030) was predicted by the Russian academy of science mini ice age model released in 2008. Mini ice age fully engaged by 2030. Invest in Southern property, insulation, and thermal underwear.

  7. Living here in central Oklahoma for almost forty-one years this is the craziest weather year. We've had plenty of EF5's here so we're ready. Thanks for your time and help guys!

  8. Do you know approximate time in Dallas area tomorrow, Friday?
    And why doesn't our local tv tell us it's going to be this bad?
    Ok. I see a bit later in the afternoon…

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