Extreme weather conditions on planet earth these days (Fri Sept 10) “We’re tracking 4 tropical storms”

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We’re monitoring four tropical storms – two hurricanes and two typhoons, together with Hurricane Larry and a Super Hurricane. We also get a glimpse at a massive reduced more than the United Kingdom and one more a person near Alaska and British Columbia.

We also check snow falling in some areas of the world (Northern Hemisphere and Southern) and acquire a glance at present-day fires burning throughout the globe.


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  2. I’m a Weather enthusiast who just subscribed to your channel. It is wonderful to follow a YouTuber from NZ. I am from Delaware in the US where the weather is mostly pretty boring.

  3. They are trying to bring in global warming not its wether wars the are causing the wether patterns the evil globalists evile fu ks

  4. Here in Nanaimo that Alaskan storm is playing havoc with the local forecasts. Saw a little bit of precipitation but unseasonably cool temps. Almost time for the winter rainy season to start and no real fall this year.



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