Extreme Weather conditions Events! Snow/Sandstorms and extra! | Jurassic Environment Evolution 2 Speculation!

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Written by weatherwtf


  1. All I want is to be able to play sandbox without having to play the campaign to unlock everything, I want everything in sandbox to already be unlocked.

  2. snow storm – jeeps may slip and slide off …. "oh no on the overpass going over the giga exhibit…the tour bus just went off road and landed on the feeder…..Giga thinks its his dinner"

  3. I’d rather not have the stupid tornado kill dinosaurs or any weather event, that would just make it more annoying and would mean you have to pay to bring out more of them in time before they start going crazy 😑

  4. Seeing all of this fantastic news reminds me we're still not getting juveniles. I wanted a little Nasutoceratops family in my park 😭

  5. What day it's the game's going to come out I'm just excited about the game and are there going to be hybrids and are there going to be some new dinosaurs and new buildings I hope it's going to be out of July I'm guessing

  6. I like how they've included the natural disasters that fit with geographical areas. However, I'm iffy about the whole snow storm thing. Like, yes I'm excited about having a big open snow capped environment. But the dinos are just going to look so out of place. They should have saved that one for a dlc with a mammoth, sabertooth, etc. What would have made it awesome is if our dinosaurs could have alternate skins with feather to help keep them warm. Because never in my life have I seen an animal with scales make it in a snowstorm lolol



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