Extreme weather conditions all-around the earth, from 2-4 sept, 2021

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Extraordinary climate all around the world, from 2-4 sept, 2021


-Paraguay, Concepcion region, sept 4
-Highlands, rench space, colorado, sept 4
– Waterspout tornado Cobuleti, ga, sept4
-Unusual item in the sky sochi, russia, august 4
-Loads of jellyfish on shchelkino shorelines, russia sept 3
-Strong winds, Sochi, russia, sept2
-Floods, Bahla town, oman, sept2
-Thunderstorm in Crimea, sept2
-Oyster Shell Gap Punch Cloud
-Very last night was one more night of vivid, lively aurora in central Alaska. The skies erupted at midnight and bathed the landscape in coloration all the way by way of sunrise, showing off in quite a few strategies I hadn’t observed prior to

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  1. Global warming is the main cause of the doubling of natural disasters, but other factors intervene: poorly thought-out urbanization, deforestation or construction in risk areas. For that we must save the planet before it is too late !!

  2. The cataclysms that are now taking place in the world are cyclical in nature. And strength, power, constancy will only increase. Many people think that these are lonely and temporary cases, but they are not. People need to understand that unification will help them survive. More detailed information can be obtained by watching the conference: Global Crisis. This already applies to everyone.



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