Extreme weather close to the globe today (Wed Sept 15) Tropical Storm Nicholas is slipping apart.

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Tropical Storm Nicholas is falling apart of the United states of america and impacting sites just strike by Hurricane Ida. We also monitor Tropical Storm Chanthu which is about to move more than Japan.

We also keep an eye on two other lows, a person in the English Channel and the other on the other facet of the planet in the Tasman Sea between Sydney and Auckland and some significant rain makers all-around the entire world right now.

Our subsequent International Intense Temperature update will be on Friday!


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  1. Hey mate I really enjoy your Weather forecasts. 👍 Last Fri, Sat & Sun, I was enjoying 30C plus days in Charleville Qld, with lows of 17C, but today in Marsden Q it’s only 18C, at 9.30am, with a brisk Sthly wind blowing outside🥶 Cheers 🍻

  2. Phil you should watch Randall Carlson, he does a real in-depth look at that area and a lot of others and how it ended the Younga Dryas period, really fascinating.



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